Winning Stardew Valley’s new Trout Derby mini-festival brings you plenty of rewards you can use throughout your year on your hard-earned farm.

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One of the newest Summer Festivals in the Stardew Valley version 1.6 update is the Trout Derby. It is a small and quiet outing for anyone who fancies fishing in the indie farm life simulator. This mini-festival takes place on the 20th and 21st of Summer. It starts at 6:10 am and ends at 2:00 am on both days. Grab yourself a new Tent Kit to set up a place to sleep and take advantage of the atmosphere and bountiful prizes.



The Trout Derby in Stardew Valley is located in the Cindersap Forest on the lake near Marnie’s Ranch. The goal of “winning” the Trout Derby is to catch Rainbow Trout, a common fish. However, these Rainbow Trout must hold a Golden Tag, the festival’s currency, to receive prizes at the Derby Booth. Some of the coolest new items from the 1.6 update can be found here. There is no limit to obtaining these Golden Tags as long as you are catching Rainbow Trout during the event period.


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How To Catch The Rainbow Trout For The Trout Derby

Tips To Get The Rainbow Trout Fast

Menu showing the Bait Maker crafting recipe in Stardew Valley

Once you learn how to fish in Stardew Valley, this strategy for the Trout Derby will be easy to pull off. First, the statistics for receiving a Golden Tag from a Rainbow Trout is 33%. This means that every 3rd Rainbow Trout you catch should have a Golden Tag.

Phaler on YouTube recommends players use Challenge Bait while getting a perfect on their catch so that you almost have a guaranteed Rainbow Trout with a Golden Tag.

You can also turn your
previously caught Rainbow Trout into Rainbow Trout Bait
with the Bait Maker, a
new change in
Stardew Valley 1.6

to increase your chances of catching them even more.


Every Prize Available At The Derby Booth

A Mystery Box against a scene from nighttime in Stardew Valley
Custom image by Katarina Cimbaljevic

After winning a few Golden Tags from the Rainbow Trout at the Trout Derby in Stardew Valley, it’s finally time to hit the stalls. Head to the Derby Booth next to the extensive festival sign at the lake. Each person will receive a Tent Kit as their first prize. The following awards will be given at random but in the order listed below:

  • Bucket Hat
  • Crab Pot
  • Mystery Box
  • Diamond
  • Mounted Trout
  • Deluxe Bait
  • Triple Shot Espresso
  • Quality Sprinkler
  • Warp Totem: Farm
  • Omni Geode

Video Credit: Phaler/YouTube

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