Ferrari’s Jack O’Connell says he’s open to playing James Bond should the proper stars align.

Speaking with Total Film Magazine, O’Connell spoke on whether or not he’d be willing to suit up as James Bond in a forthcoming reboot.

“I mean, listen, if something like that comes my way, sure,” he said. “I’d just treat it the same way: I’d read it, see who’s directing. Do they want me? Cool. Let’s chat. Is the script belting? Then cool. OK, let’s definitely chat,” he says. “It’s not something I’m going to turn my nose up at. I’m sure there’s a long, long list. I’m sure that list is highly competitive, and I’m sure that there are some phenomenal actors being considered for it. If I’m somewhere along that list – brilliant. That, in itself, is an achievement. But, again, a lot of that stuff – as you find with quite a lot in this industry – is out of my hands. You just roll with the punches.”

What else has Jack O’Connell been in?

Along with playing Peter Collins in Michael Mann’s Ferrari, O’Connell has starred in movies such as 2009’s Harry Brown, 2014’s ’71, 2014’s 300: Rise of an Empire, 2014’s Unbroken, 2016’s Money Monster, and 2019’s Jungeland. He’ll soon be seen in the Amy Winehouse biopic Back to Black, which releases on May 17, 2024.

James Bond’s last outing was in 2021’s No Time to Die, where he was played one final time by Daniel Craig. A number of actors have been rumored to be in talks to play 007 next, though nothing has been officially confirmed at this time.

Barbara Broccoli, a producer of the Bond franchise, told Deadline in February 2024 that there’s “nothing” happening regarding the next installment as of yet. “There’s nothing I can tell you about the next Bond film. There’s nothing. Nothing is happening yet.”

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