In the cryptocurrency market, a new star is on the rise. Dogwifhat (WIF), a meme token based on the Solana blockchain, has been turning heads with its rapid growth. Arthur Hayes, the genius founder of BitMEX, has thrown his weight behind the coin, declaring it could hit a $2 mark anytime now. His prediction is based on WIF’s impressive 320% rise in the past week.

Hayes shared his bullish outlook on X, rallying the crypto community with his vision for WIF’s climb to $2. “The hat stays on. $WIF = $2. Let’s make it happen fam. How y’all going to spend your dog money riches?” he said. His words have certainly added more spark to the already lit enthusiasm around Dogwifhat.

WIF’s Remarkable Ascent

Dogwifhat’s journey has been nothing short of spectacular, catching the eyes of both small investors and big traders. One particular story stands out – a trader who initially invested 5.288 SOL (about $310) in 2.58 million WIF tokens. This gamble has paid off massively, with the value skyrocketing to $3.12 million. This represents a mind-blowing increase of over ten thousand times the original investment in just twelve weeks.

Adding to the coin’s appeal, Robinhood announced it would support WIF along with several other cryptocurrencies. The listing has prompted expectations that WIF may soon be listed on major exchanges such as Coinbase. Since its inception in December 2023, WIF’s value has increased by more than 50,000%. Compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum, the meme coin  has had an even better week.

As of the time this article was being written, WIF’s price stood at $1.29. The interest from whales remains unwavering, despite the surge. The current meme coin rally has also played a crucial role in Dogwifhat’s ascent, with the community’s excitement acting as a catalyst for its remarkable rally.

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