Episode 1 Directed by Julie Anne Robertson (Bridgerton, The Good Place, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Grey’s Anatomy) on the recommendation of David Tennant, whom she’d directed on 2004’s Blackpool. According to IMDb, written by russell t davies. Doctor Who Unleashed released this teaser clip feat. Fifteen and Ruby being stalked by a monster/creature they haven’t met yet. Rumoured to feature multiple 12-16 month-old babies, and listed on IMDb as featuring “additional voices” by voice actor Bettina Kenney. Episode 2: the devil’s chord Directed by Ben Chessell, an Australian director who recently worked on acclaimed Aussie crime mystery Deadloch, Joe Barton’s excellent Giri/Haji, and YA series Surviving Summer. According to IMDb, written by russell t davies. At least partially set at Abbey Road Studios, London in 1963 and featuring The Beatles. Stars Broadway’s Jinkx Monsoon as a piano-playing villain. Episode 3 Directed by Julie Anne Robertson (see above) and described by Russell T Davies as “gorgeous”. Writing in Doctor Who Magazine 600, RTD said: “My God, the emotion. The depth. The performances. Beautiful.” Rumoured to be a Doctor-lite episode set in a futuristic warzone, possibly featuring the return of series five’s Clerics. There’s another rumour about it having been written by former showrunner Steven Moffat, but make of that what you will. Episode 4 Directed by Dylan Holmes Williams (Servant) and written by Russell T Davies, who described it on Michael Ball’s BBC Radio 2 show in March 2023 as “one of the greatest things [he’s] ever made in [his] life.” Stars Aneurin Barnard as Roger ap Gwilliam, a politician leading the Albion party (slogan: Bigger Better Bolder Britain). Jemma Redgrave returns as UNIT’s Kate Lethbridge-Stewart according to IMDb. Episode 5 Directed by Dylan Holmes Williams (see above). In Doctor Who Magazine 600, Russell T Davies wrote that “it might have more VFX shots than…well, anything ever. And my opinion changes daily, but is this Murray’s greatest score?” Rumoured to involve giant slug-style monsters and a dodgy internet provider. Episode 6 Directed by Ben Chessell (see above). Written by Kate Herron & Bryony Redman. In Doctor Who Magazine 600, RTD wrote “it has comparatively few FX shots” and “looks gorgeous without a single pixel being tweaked.” Set in the Regency period and guest-starring Indira Varma as the mysterious “Duchess”, alongside US singer Jonathan Groff. Episodes 7 & 8 Directed by Jamie Donoughue (A Town Called Malice, A Discovery of Witches). Written by Russell T Davies. The first episode in series 14’s two-part finale. Bonnie Langford returns as Mel Bush, alongside Yasmin Finney as Rose Noble in a two-part story rumoured to involve UNIT and an invasion by some returning villains. christmas 2024 Rumoured to be directed by Bridgerton and Riverdale director Alex Pillai. Guest stars include Derry Girls and Bridgerton‘s Nicola Coughlan (announced), and Plebs‘ Joel Fry (rumoured). It looks to be set at least partially during WWII.

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