“They love your ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ angle,” my supervisor texted with a grinning emoji. “On the eighth day of Christmas…there was no partridge in a pear tree, but there was a Kia Sorento.” LOL. Another home run! It seemed my idea to weave car models into the carol was just the latest success. It was witty, a touch cheesy, and apparently struck the perfect balance of fun and informative for the client.

Things were finally falling into place. But three months later, the rug was pulled out from under me — I was laid off with no rhyme or reason. Now I was adrift in a heartless job market, with each rejection email a fresh blow.

We all hope for the best, we plan for a secure future… but then sometimes life blindsides us. Such a sudden dismissal can be devastating, leaving us feeling powerless. But what if, amidst the chaos, there’s an opportunity hidden in plain sight?

Change is hard. We are creatures of habit, and adapting to the unexpected can often feel overwhelming. Routine comfort, even when we’re unhappy, can be deceptive. This is especially true after the turmoil of the pandemic, when so many of us simply longed for stability. After a year of searching, landing my copywriting job felt like the first step towards positive change. But when I lost it, I was thrown right back into the uncertainty I’d so desperately tried to escape. Job loss is devastating not only financially but also to our sense of self-worth and control. How could I have built my career on such shaky ground?

But perhaps the universe had different plans for me. I despise the cliché of “bigger plans,” it seems dismissive of the very real pain of job loss. But staring at my termination letter, I couldn’t deny a sense of…something shifting. Maybe this awful experience wasn’t the end. Maybe the only way to get unstuck was to be shoved completely out of my comfort zone, even if I didn’t ask for it. Yes, at times it honestly feels as if unforeseen forces are guiding us through such uncomfortable change.

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