From jaw-dropping documentaries surrounding the wildest serial killers of all time, to passionate fanatic sleuths diving into historic cases and highlighting clues over on TikTok, the massive true crime bubble is a cauldron of fascination and intrigue — so it’s no wonder a mass amount of documentaries and docuseries continue to pump out at a staggering rate. That being said, it might be difficult sometimes to pick out the very best of the pile. That’s where we come in.

Without a doubt, an overabundance of true crime documentaries are available to stream on various platforms right now — and all of these projects are highly addictive and overwhelmingly entertaining. Even for those with a weak stomach who might need to occasionally turn away when the bloody evidence is displayed, it’s definitely easy to devote an entire day of binge-watching through true crime documentaries before you’ve even realized where the time has gone. 

As fantastic as the majority of these documentaries truly are, only a select few of the bunch undoubtedly present must-watch content that should be added to all watchlists, so let’s dive in and explore which you need to watch right now.

The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst (2015)

First released on HBO, the thought-provoking documentary delved into the mysterious and complex life of real estate heir Robert Durst, which Durst himself requested, and then was eventually charged and committed for murder based on hidden clues and evidence explored in the project. The 2015 docuseries came out nearly ten years ago now, but there’s absolutely no denying how much cultural impact it’s had upon its premiere, which makes it a necessary must-watch for all true crime aficionados. 

Where to watch: Max

Evil Genius (2018)

As compelling and absolutely bizarre as a true crime case can get, the out-of-this-world Netflix doc centers around the death of Brian Wells, in a bizarre case that completely shocked the world. The docuseries explores Wells’ collar bomb denotation, which was forced on him and went off while robbing a bank in Pennsylvania. Much like the rest of these unforgettable projects on this list, the 2018 documentary is certainly binge-worthy and deserving of being added to fanatics’ watchlists.

Making a Murderer (2015)

Making a major cultural splash upon its original release, the acclaimed Netflix documentary has all the trimmings that one true crime fanatic could want — bone-chilling revelations, wrongful convictions, and Emmy-winning worthy content that will encourage chills up and down your spine. Focusing on Steven Avery, the detailed documentary showcases Avery’s initial wrongful conviction, and explored his actual murder conviction years later. Add it to your list now, and simply thank me later.

Where to watch: Netflix

The Staircase (2004)

As bone-chilling and wild as one true crime documentary can possibly get, the 2004 documentary about Michael Peterson is a shocking project that should be added to all watchlists at this very moment. The unforgettable documentary perfectly showcases the unfathomable trial of Peterson after he was convicted of the murder of his second wife Kathleen back in 2001. The case revolved around Michael reporting to police that Kathleen had “fallen” down a set of stairs in their home, but Michael was eventually charged with her murder. 

Where to watch: Netflix

Don’t F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer (2019)

Without a doubt, a true crime documentary that must be added to all watchlists right now would be the face-melting Netflix project about catching and charging Luka Magnotta. After uploading vicious crimes against kittens online, a strong uproar and group of people online launched a manhunt which would eventually identify Magnotta and lead authorities to discover the murder of Jun Lin. It’s chock-full of unbelievable moments and revelations, and is definitely a true crime project that needs to be watched above the rest.

Where to watch: Netflix

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