After being quiet in the American markets for about three years, prominent crypto network Ripple has now announced that it will bring XRP live to the U.S. markets.

Senior director and head of product marketing of payments of Ripple, Oliver Segovia shared this news on his LinkedIn page, highlighting two key aspects; Building and growing. He stressed that 90% of Ripple’s business is outside of the United States. 

To remedy that, Ripple plans to introduce new product updates which will be prominently driven by its money transmitter licenses (MTLs) covering the majority of US states. This will leverage its global standing in crypto and blockchain technology. These payments will offer streamlined cross-border transaction solutions.

Ripple’s blockchain and payments outlook 2024

Happily wrapping up the month of January, Ripple will host a meetup for its fintech community at its recently established San Francisco headquarters. 

The Ripples blockchain and payments outlook 2024 will feature a special panel discussion led by heads of products, Brendan Berry and Pegah Soltani. The moderation will be handled by U.S. managing director, Joanie Xie.

Further experts from companies like Adyen, Marqeta, Plaid and more will also be a part of the meetup. So if you are a fintech junkie, quickly reserve your seat to avoid getting waitlisted.

Is Ripple just focused on building its network?

Not just on building its network, Ripple is paralleling focusing on growing its business. It is thus actively recruiting across various global locations including major cities like London, Toronto, San Fransisco and Bangalore.

Ripple payments and its entry into the United States

Ripple has a payment service utilizes the Ripple network’s native token XRP as its bridge currency. This makes transactions validated in seconds at a very low cost compared to traditional methods. This whole developmental plan of bringing XRP to the U.S. will capitalize on its proficiency in the crypto world. As we await, ripple payments will hopefully boom in the U.S. markets, as seen in its exponential growth in other countries.

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