WWE is closely monitoring fan reactions to the highly anticipated showdown between The Rock and Roman Reigns. Meanwhile, The Rock finds himself on the receiving end of criticism after Cody Rhodes seemingly handed him his spot at WrestleMania 40. Following the fan backlash, WWE is now keenly observing how The Rock is perceived in the weeks to come.

In the latest episode of WWE SmackDown, visible tension filled the air as The Rock confronted Roman Reigns. Cody Rhodes introduced the Great One into the scene, ultimately relinquishing his own WrestleMania 40 title shot, a move that sparked outrage among fans.

While no official announcement has been made yet, the intense stare-down between The Rock and Reigns strongly hints at what’s to come. Various reports suggest that WWE will unveil details about the match at a special WrestleMania press conference in Las Vegas on Thursday, February 8. Despite uncertainty about WWE’s decision, reports indicate that The Rock himself is pushing for the match to happen.

According to PWInsider, WWE is “absolutely monitoring the responses” to The Rock’s apparent WrestleMania challenge. Both WWE and The Rock have been overwhelmed with negative responses across social media platforms. This fans’ outrage led to the decision to remove Cody Rhodes from the match.

Fans had hoped for Cody Rhodes to finish his story at the Showcase of The Immortals. The possibility of him being sidelined has caused widespread backlash directed at WWE.

The Rock addresses Cody Rhodes and WWE fans after confrontation with Roman Reigns

Following the controversial end on SmackDown, where The Rock replaced Cody Rhodes to face Roman Reigns, The Great One took to social media to address the fans after coming face to face with Reigns. Furthermore, The Rock recently commented on his return.

The Rock addressed fans on social media. He thanked Rhodes for the love and acknowledged the explosive reaction. The video shared on X (formerly Twitter) captures his entrance, praising the undying connection with fans. On Instagram, he expressed gratitude for the passion, emphasizing on the unbreakable bond with the People.

Despite the controversy, The Great One remains energized by the reception, pledging an epic showdown with Roman Reigns. It will be interesting to see what unfolds this Thursday at the WrestleMania press conference in Las Vegas.

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