Let’s Talk About CHU is a Taiwanese Mandarin-language romantic comedy-drama series streaming on Netflix. The plot revolves around Chu Ai, who vlogs about sex education. As she and her family navigate their complicated personal lives and sexual desires, Chu Ai starts to realize that she might not have all the answers. Season 1 premiered on February 2, 2024. If you are wondering whether there will be a second season of Let’s Talk About CHU, this is what we have discovered.

Here’s all the Let’s Talk About CHU Season 2 release date information we know so far, and all the details on when it is coming out.

Is there a Let’s Talk About CHU Season 2 release date?

Let’s Talk About CHU Season 2 does not have an official release date, but the possibility of it can’t be ruled out.

As of early February 2024, Let’s Talk About CHU hasn’t been greenlit for season 2. This is expected as season 1 just premiered, and Netflix is likely to assess how it performs before making a decision. East Asian shows often don’t have more than one season, though this seems to be changing in recent years with the increasing popularity of the content from the region. It remains to be seen in which category the two Let’s Talk About CHU will end up in.

The first season ends on a satisfactory note for most of the characters, so the series can definitely stop here. Alternatively, a prospective second season can continue to explore the dynamics between the members of the Chu family and sex. ComingSoon will provide an update if and when season 2 is officially greenlit.

The cast includes Tzu Hsuan Chan as Chu Ai, Kai Ko as Chou Ping-ke, J.C. Lin as Chu Yu-sen, Chien-Ho Wu as Lee Yueh, Kimi Hsia as Chu Wei, Umin Boya as Lin Shih-chieh, Ke-Li Miao as Chu Yeh Mei-chih, Honduras as Chu Cheng-nan, Helena Hsu as Doris, Yu-Xuan Wang as Annie, Chris Lung as Henry, and more.

Where is Let’s Talk About CHU Season 2 coming out?

Let’s Talk About CHU Season 2 could come out on Netflix.

This is because the first season came out on the same platform.

The official synopsis for Let’s Talk About CHU reads:

“Chu Ai, a wax technician, runs a sex education vlog on the side. Living by her motto of “Only Sex, No Love,” she has a long-term sexual relationship with Ping-ke. In the face of the challenges and conflicts that arise from the Chu family’s unfulfilled demands for sex and love, can Chu Ai find the answer to desire and self-discovery and start a relationship that goes beyond the physical?”

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