• The Tourist season 1 was filmed in South Australia, primarily in and around Adelaide, showcasing the region’s diverse landscapes.
  • Recognizable season-one filming locations include Port Augusta, Peterborough, and the Flinders Ranges, adding authenticity to the show’s story.
  • For season 2, The Tourist moved filming to Dublin, Ireland, with some scenes shot in Bray and the Wicklow Mountains, continuing the tradition of capturing unique locations.



When it comes to filming locations, The Tourist‘s two seasons excel at capturing the very places they’re set. A critically acclaimed BBC thriller series, The Tourist stars The Fall‘s Jamie Dornan as a man who wakes up in an Australian hospital after surviving a life-altering car accident in the Outback. To make matters even more difficult, Dornan’s character in The Tourist has amnesia. Unable to recall what he’s doing in Australia, the man uses what few clues he has to piece together his identity. It’s a tall order, especially since the man doesn’t even remember his own name.

After finding a note in his jeans pocket to meet someone at a café in the town of Burnt Ridge, the man realizes his life before the car accident was more than a little complicated. As Luci (Shalom Brune-Franklin) puts it, Dornan’s character “made some bad people angry,” which means figuring out his identity is a crucial — and time-sensitive — matter. As the man’s past catches up with him, the twists and turns of The Tourist season 1 unfold for Jamie Dornan‘s character, setting the stage for an equally stylish, shocking, and compelling sophomore outing.

The Tourist Season 1 Was Filmed In South Australia

Adelaide & Several Smaller Towns Are Featured In The Tourist Season 1

Unlike other series, The Tourist invests in its settings. For season 1, the cast and crew traveled to South Australia. The southern central part of the continent, South Australia is home to several low mountain ranges and arid rangelands. While there are some beautiful coastal spots, including South Australia’s capital city, Adelaide. Notably, Jamie Dornan’s character is run off the road by a trucker in a more desert-like area, but most of The Tourist season 1 was filmed in and around Adelaide. In one flashback, Adelaide’s North Haven Beach even serves as a stand-in for Bali’s Kuta Beach.


The Tourist Ending Explained By Jamie Dornan

The Tourist star Jamie Dornan opens up about the HBO Max mystery action series, shedding light on that shocking and disturbing final reveal.

Other recognizable South Australia filming locations in The Tourist season 1 include the small coastal city of Port Augusta and the town of Peterborough, which is located in the state’s wheat country (via Entertainment Daily). Since Peterborough is just off the Barrier Highway, it served as an ideal location for filming the man’s journey to track down a mysterious caller in the first few installments of The Tourist‘s six-episode season 1. Finally, the thriller was shot on location in the Flinders Ranges, the largest mountain range in South Australia that’s home to the impressive natural amphitheater of Ikara.

The Tourist season 2 comes to Netflix on February 29, 2024.

The Tourist Season 2 Moved Filming To Dublin, Ireland

Some Scenes Were Shot Outside Of Dublin

Jamie Dornan looks awed in The Tourist season 2

The Tourist season 1 was a huge hit with audiences and critics alike. In the United Kingdom, it became the most-watched show in 2022. For season 2, The Tourist moved to a new U.S. streaming home; Max dropped The Tourist, but Netflix picked it up. The show also swapped filming locations, trading Australia for Dublin, Ireland (via Radio Times). While most filming took place in Dublin, some scenes were filmed in the coastal town of Bray and the Wicklow Mountains. Like its first outing, The Tourist season 2 adds authenticity to its story by filming at singular locations.

Sources: Entertainment Daily, Radio Times

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