While exploring the world of Persona 3 Reload, players are likely to begin coming across Twilight Fragments, which have a couple of specific uses. Primarily, they will be used to open chests while battling through Tartarus, and they can also be used to refresh the entire party.



Unfortunately, even though having as many on hand as possible is important, they are not always the easiest thing to come by. However, in addition to being randomly scattered throughout the world, there are a couple of places where players are guaranteed to receive them if they are struggling to track some down.


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How To Find Twilight Fragments & Use Them In Persona 3 Reload

Though they are randomly placed around the world, Twilight Fragments can be found in every area of the map. This is one of the key differences in Persona 3 Reload from the original. So it’s worth checking out every location, with the largest amount being found at the school. Check side hallways, rooftops, and other areas you may only venture to sometimes. Twilight Fragments will appear as a little blue sparkle on the ground and can be collected upon interaction.

Once the ones throughout the map have been found, they will not respawn, so don’t keep checking the same areas, hoping they will reappear.

Once all of those have been found, there are a couple more reliable ways to get Twilight Fragments. Firstly, while exploring Tartarus, players may notice hand statues with an orange glimmer that, when smashed, reward players with various items. If you ever happen on one of these with a blue glimmer instead, these will reward Twilight Fragments. These statues are especially abundant in the Dark Zones of Tartarus, where players must search floors shrouded in darkness.

Another way to acquire Twilight Fragments, and probably the most profitable method, is through Elizabeth in the Velvet Room. When visiting, be sure to speak with her. If you have made significant progress, she will automatically reward you with several Twilight Fragments based on your progress. Additionally, she may occasionally offer them as rewards for completing some of her requests.

While exploring Tartarus in Persona 3, Elizabeth will occasionally inform you that outsiders have wandered into Tartarus. While finding missing people won’t reward Twilight Fragments, she will occasionally report that animals have wandered in and let you know what floor they are on. These animals are cats that, if found, will reward 5 Twilight Fragments as well.

Once you’ve acquired a significant amount, their uses are pretty straightforward. Primarily, they will be used to open chests throughout Tartarus, and the amount required may vary depending on how valuable the loot inside is. Aside from that, they can be utilized at the small clock at the entrance of Tartarus to refresh the team for a steep price. These clocks can also be found throughout Tartarus, but they are rare and typically appear in wide open rooms with various enemies.

The last use for Twilight Fragments is a bit more randomized since you cannot access it. Instead, it is a chance occurrence. Whenever any Twilight Fragments are spent, either on chests or clocks, there will be a random chance that a door will open next to the stairs of your current floor. If it does appear, players will find a grandfather clock inside that, when interacted with, can be used to bring any two party members up to Makoto’s current level in Persona 3 Reload for free.

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