Disclaimer: The article contains mentions of murder and torture. Reader discretion is advised.

Investigation Discovery’s true-crime series Death by Fame plans to re-examine the brutal murder case of Iana Kasian that took place in 2016. The episode, titled “Scripting a Murder,” will show terrifying details about the case and reveal how her husband, Blake Leibel, was responsible for her death. The upcoming episode will air on the network on Monday, February 5, 2024, at 9 p.m. ET.

According to Daily Mail, Leibel started dating Kasian right after he ended his first marriage in 2015. Originally from Ukraine, she moved to Los Angeles to work as an interpreter. At first, things seemed normal. However, Leibel became erratic after the birth of their first child. The media outlet reported that the couple welcomed a daughter named Diana in 2016. 

Citing court records, the Los Angeles Times revealed that the birth of their child made Leibel upset. A few weeks later, Kasian had a conversation with her mother to babysit so that she and Leibel can work on their relationship. Kasian’s mother, Olga, got worried when she didn’t hear from her daughter and contacted the authorities. The police forced their way inside Blake Leibel’s apartment and arrested him after finding several pieces of evidence against him.

The authorities charged him on multiple charges, including first-degree murder. The trial began in June 2018. The prosecution team presented many evidence and disturbing details about the brutal murder. The jury deliberated for four hours before reaching a verdict.

As per Daily Mail, the jury found Blake Leibel guilty of first-degree murder, aggravated mayhem, and torture. Subsequently, the court sentenced him to life in prison without the possibility of parole. According to California’s Corrections Department, Leibel is currently serving his sentence in California State Prison, Centinela.

Blake Leibel’s murder case explored

Leibel was born into a rich Canadian family and wanted to make his name in Hollywood. He had worked with Mel Brooks on an animated series and was making his way up the ladder. However, everything came crashing down after his conviction. As mentioned above, the authorities found much evidence against Blake Leibel once they entered his apartment. During the trial, several investigators and forensic experts testified about what they saw in his apartment. 

Citing the testimonies, The Hollywood Reporter noted that the blood found throughout the apartment matched the victim’s blood. The outlet also mentioned that the investigators found “pieces of flesh” from Kasian’s dismembered body. The pieces were found everywhere in the room, including the bed and floor.

The aforementioned publication also reported that the authorities found 11 discarded trash bags containing sheets and clothes covered in blood. The trash bags were also stuffed with body parts belonging to the victim. While searching the apartment, the investigators finally found Iana Kasian’s mutilated body on the bed in the bedroom, with Blake at her side.

During the closing arguments, the prosecutors also mentioned that it was hard to suggest one reason or motive for such a gruesome crime. However, the prosecutor revealed that “power, jealousy, and anger” might be the reasons why Blake Leibel took the extreme step of killing his wife. The prosecutor said, “He threw away pieces of his fiancée like she was trash. The mother of his newborn baby.” On the other hand, Leibel’s team of attorneys tried to prove that Blake Leibel had nothing to do with the murder of Iana Kasian.

Court orders Leibel to pay $41.6 million to Kasian’s family

The jury deliberated for four hours and found Blake Leibel guilty. As a result, the court sentenced him to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. In addition, the court ordered him to pay $41.6 million to Iana Kasian’s family.

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