Viewers of Hazbin Hotel are eager to know what Adam, the main villain of Hazbin Hotel, looks like without his mask. Does he look scary? Here is all you need to know about Adam’s face behind his mask.

What does Hazbin Hotel’s Adam look like without a mask?

Hazbin Hotel’s Adam has a normal-looking face underneath his mask.

Underneath his evil cartoonish black and yellow-glowing mask, Adam has an average or normal-looking fair-skinned face with golden eyes. He also has dirty brown hair and sports a stubble brown beard on his chin. His eyes also seem to look baggy as there are black lines under each of them. The bagginess is likely due to stress and presumably the various battles he has partaken in adding to the stress and sleeplessness.

According to one YouTuber named Ayy Lmao, Adam is based on his voice actor Alex Brightman, which explains why he has a normal-looking face, even if he has baggy eyes to make him look more sinister.

Various fans took to Reddit to posit their theories on Adam’s facial appearance unmasked. One user claimed that he looks like a person who would have a typically terrible 9-5 job. In response to this, another user jokingly claimed that he was like a manager of a gas station simply because he was the only person who did not quit his job after a month. Another user and fan claimed that he looked like a rocker from the 90s who peaked in his appearance in high school.

Yet another user and fan posited that Adam’s seemingly unkempt facial appearance was due to getting defeated very badly.

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