Fans of The Bachelor franchise are in for a treat this week, with the end of episode 3 teasing a thrilling double feature that will have Joey Graziadei ultimately narrowing down his final 15 to his final 10 after two phenomenal episodes on February 12 in Malta and February 13 in Spain.

These back-to-back episodes are sure to be nothing short of spectacular, but viewers were left with just one burning question: Who will receive dates in episode 4, and what will these dates entail? After all, the dates that take place abroad are always the most extravagant…

To find out for yourself — based on information spoiled by Reality Steve, as well as information spoiled in the trailer — just keep scrolling.

One-on-one date: Lexi Young

Image via ABC

Given that their connection has been growing stronger and stronger each and every week — even earning her the title of “Mrs. Right” during the group date in episode 3 — a one-on-one date between Joey Graziadei and Lexi Young was long overdue, finally taking place in episode 4.

According to Reality Steve, Joey and Lexi “did the local date in Malta where they went shopping and hung with locals,” and based on the trailer for this week’s double feature, it looks like they shared quite a few smooches as well. The date seemed to be smooth sailing, but we will not know for sure until it hits our television screens tonight…

Two-on-one date: Maria Georgas and Sydney Gordon

Photos via ABC

Arguably the most intriguing date of episode 4 will be the two-on-one date between Sydney Gordon and Maria Georgas that The Bachelor himself deemed to be “awkward as ever,” finally squashing the beef has been consuming our television screens 24/7.

For those who are unfamiliar with the feud between Sydney and Maria, it began when 31-year-old Madina felt as though her connection with Joey was not as far along as some of the other contestants due to their three-year age gap. Maria was caught invalidating her feelings — talking smack about Madina to the other women within the Bachelor Mansion — which is when Sydney decided to intervene, throwing around words like “bullying” and “attacking” to Joey, as well as the rest of his hopefuls.

As the drama between Sydney and Maria continues to escalate, the pair seemingly takes a boat to their two-on-one date, but we will just have to wait and see who ultimately gets the boot by The Bachelor himself.

Group date: The 12 remaining women

Image via The Bachelor/Facebook

The group date in episode 4 is arguably the kookiest one yet, with the 12 remaining women all taking part: Kelsey Anderson, Autumn Waggoner, Jess Edwards, Madina Alam, Daisy Kent, Rachel Nance, Lea Cayanan, Allison Hollinger, Katelyn DeBacker, Kelsey Toussant, Jenn Tran, and Edwina Dorbor.

According to Reality Steve, “They went to a fort and met knights and had sword fights. After sword fighting, there was a competition to see who got extra time with Joey and they had to catch sausages in their mouths. Autumn won and got extra time.”

While there are 15 women fighting for the heart of the handsome Joey Graziadei in episode 4, who will be catching a one-way flight back to the United States after the rose ceremony? To see how the remainder of season 28 unfolds, tune into ABC on Mondays for brand new episodes of The Bachelor, or stream them the following day via Hulu.

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