• Venom and Carnage are about to have their bloodiest fight yet in the new story Symbiosis Necrosis, with Carnage trying to become a god-like version of himself.
  • Carnage’s new design suggests that he may succeed in his quest for godhood, which would give him unimaginable power and the ability to cause unprecedented death and destruction.
  • The upcoming storyline will explore the complicated family dynamics between Carnage, Venom, Eddie Brock, and Dylan, with Carnage seeking to harm Eddie through revealing Venom’s villainous acts to Dylan.



Warning! Contains Spoilers For Venom #31!Venom and Carnage have been enemies for decades, and it seems that their bloodiest fight is about to be revealed. Marvel has just announced a major confrontation between their symbiote characters in the new story Symbiosis Necrosis. In this storyline, it seems Venom and Anti-Venom will have to face off against a possible God-like version of Carnage.

Symbiosis Necrosis promises to bring Carnage into a major conflict with Eddie Brock, Dylan Brock, and even Anti-Venom. In order to go up against these three heavy hitters, Carnage would need a major power boost, and it seems like that’s exactly what he’s going to get in the pages of Venom #31 by Torunn Gronbekk and Ken Lashley.

Carnage New Design For Symbiosis Necrosis

Carnage is currently trying to become a God, and it seems that this newly revealed design might just reveal that he succeeds. With actual divine power behind him, Carnage could cause death and destruction like never before.


Carnage Just Turned a Major Marvel Hero into a Murderer

Carnage is going on a killing spree across America in his quest to become a god, but this time he’s set up one major Marvel hero to take the fall.

Carnage Shows Off A Killer New Design

There are tons of villains in the Marvel universe, but few have matched the absurd brutality of Carnage. He’s killed dozens of heroes and hundreds of civilians and even attempted to murder Gods in outer space. Carnage has recently been trying to reach Godhood by creating a cult that worships him. While it’s still unclear if he succeeds or not, these new designs seem to imply that he does. This new power will allow Carnage to torture Venom like never before, and he seems intent on starting this event by going after Eddie Brock’s son, Dylan.

One of the major promised plot points is a family reunion between Carnage, Venom, Eddie, and Dylan. All of them are related in some way, with Carnage being the child of the Venom symbiote, and Dylan being Eddie’s child as well. One of the major points that is set to be explored is Carnage revealing the actual villainous things Venom did over the years to Dylan. While it’s unlikely this’ll be enough to tear them apart, it will certainly be a new way for Carnage to harm Eddie that he hasn’t tried before.

Carnage’s Next Fight Against Venom Will Be The Bloodiest Yet

Venom King in Black Carnage

The symbiotes have always been a popular side of Marvel’s cosmology and Symbiosis Necrosis is without a doubt going to shake a lot of that up. With major players such as Carnage, Venom, and Anti-Venom all involved, plus the reveal of a new type of symbiote blooming, things are likely to change in a major way. While there are definitely more reveals and twists to come, so far, the biggest real fans have seen is the possible new design of Carnage’s divine form.

Venom #31 is on sale on March 6th from Marvel Comics!

Venom #31 (2024)

Symbiosis Necrosis Cover #1

  • Writer: Torunn Gronbekk
  • Artist: Ken Lashley
  • Cover Artist: Cafu

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