Suparn S Varma is on a roll of late thanks to the success of his web shows like The Family Man, Rana Naidu, The Trial and Sultan Of Delhi and the much-loved flick, Sirf Ek Bandaa Kaafi Hai. And now, he’s all set to back a film based on yet another controversial and hard-hitting court case – the Shah Bano Begum case.

About Shahs Bano Case

For those who are not aware, the Shah Bano Begum vs Mohd. Ahmad Khan case, commonly known as the Shah Bano Begum case, is considered to be a landmark milestone in post-independence India. It was filed in 1978 by Shah Bano, then 62-year-old, after her husband Mohd. Ahmad Khan divorced her. She asked for maintenance for herself and her five children under Section 123 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973. Shah Bano won the case and it led to an uproar since a section of the people believed that the judgement was in conflict with Islamic law. It led to a debate about having different civil codes for different religions in India and this discussion continues more than 40 years after the verdict was pronounced.

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Suparn S Varma has locked the script and is in the process of finalizing the cast and crew. The makers are confident that a film on Shah Bano Begum’s case is important for today’s generation as it also displays women empowerment in all its glory.

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