When I do a traceroute, I can see the round trip time in milliseconds or “ms”, for my packet(s) to reach that point and return to my computer.

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Let the round trip time be the variable x. For the x ms that each round trip takes, how can one best split up that x ms, into smaller amounts of time, for the different variables and constants that go into the x ms?

For example, if a pack goes from my computer to another, my CPU/network card needs to process that instruction p1, send that to my router over Wifi w1, my router’s CPU needs to process that request r1, then at the speed of e (constant) – y it travels over optic fiber to the next router (e-y)1, etc… Then the same path back: … (e-y)2, r2, w2, p2

Now if x = p1 + w1 + r1 + (e-y)1 + (e-y)2 + r2 + w2 + p2 etc….

How to I determine what the composition of the round trip is, and the speed/latency of those specific components are? Is there a way to split those time of the packet traveling over wifi/wire/light at each destination, and the time of the processing in the hosts/network infrastructure at each point?

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