Starring Jo Jung-Suk and Shin Se-Kyung, Captivating the King episode 6 aired on Sunday on Netflix and tvN. The historical K-drama currently revolves around the return of an important person from King Lee In’s past.

In episode 5, Kang Hee-Soo succeeds in her plan to return to the palace, disguised as male baud player Kang Mong-Woo. Reported to be dead three years ago, Mong-Woo’s return shocks King Lee In. In the past, the latter used to cherish the baduk player, but he became resentful towards him, assuming Mong-Woo was the traitor.

Episode 6 begins with Mong-Woo becoming “Gidaeryeong” for the king, meaning he is hired as Lee In’s personal baduk player. Jung-Suk’s character sees through Mong-Woo and claims that the player returned to seek revenge on him.

Captivating the King episode 6 spoilers: Shin Se-Kyung asks Lee Shin-Young to join in her revenge plan

At the beginning of Captivating the King episode 6, Mong-Woo (Shin Se-Kyung) is surprised to learn that King Lee In’s assumption about his return is correct. Three years ago, Jo Jung-Suk’s character ordered his guards to kill the player and his friend. Mong-Woo escaped after his friend died and pledged to seek revenge for her death.

Despite the allegations, Mong-Woo tries to convince King Lee In that he has not returned to seek revenge. Meanwhile, Kim Myung-Ha (Lee Shin-Young) worries about Mong-Woo. For context, he knows that Mong-Woo is Kang Hee-Soo, whom he wronged in the past. He gets suspicious of her return as Mong-Woo.

The next day, Mong-Woo confronts Myung-Ha, asking the latter to seek forgiveness for what he did in the past. While he refuses, Mong-Woo says, “You have become rather brazen. I must say that it is quite a relief. To go against the King who has mastered all trickery and deception, such brazenness would be necessary.” Myung-Ha looks at Mong-Woo with a confused expression. The latter explains that she/he has returned to seek revenge on the king who “tricked his way onto the throne.” He asks Myung-Ha to join forces, but he later says no.

Mong-Woo then continues to accompany King Lee In as his Gidaeryeong. He is still suspicious of her but decides to keep his favorite baduk player close. On the other hand, Mong-Woo helps the queen ruin Lee In’s mother’s plan to make Mong-Woo her patron. This move brings Mong-Woo on good terms with the queen, satisfies the king, and reunites Myung-Ha’s relatives with him.

Captivating the King Episode 6 ending: Jo Jung-Suk catches Lee Shin-Young embracing Shin Se-Kyung

Towards the end of Captivating the King episode 6, King Lee In warns Mong-Woo about his mother’s wrath. It appears Shin Se-Kyung’s character might land in trouble after going against the king’s mother’s plan.

In response to Lee In’s warning, Mong-Woo says, “Risking her wrath was inevitable to uphold your command regarding patrons. All I can do now is turn to you for your help.” The king finds his answer surprising and asks if the baduk player still believes him after he didn’t help Mong-Woo in the past. Lee In then agrees to protect him.

In the end, the king seems excited to meet his Gidaeryeong the next day. When he rushes to meet Mong-Woo, he sees Lee Shin-Young’s Kim Myung-Ha embracing him. Lee In has never liked these two’s closeness in the past.

Watch the next episode to find out whether or not the king gets furious. Netflix and tvN air new episodes of Captivating the King on Saturdays and Sundays.

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