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Some people don’t mind being self-promotional. I am not one of those people.

Yet here I am, a freelance content marketer who relies on LinkedIn for business. Before that, I ran sales at a marketing agency and was expected to bring in new clients.

Many people find posting on LinkedIn terrifying. I’ve heard comments ranging from “I don’t know what to post” to “I always second-guess myself.”

But there’s an undeniable benefit to being on LinkedIn when you’re running your own business. LinkedIn is very effective at driving high-quality leads and produces better organic results than other platforms.

You can be active on LinkedIn without the cringe. I’ve spent more than 18 months building a network and personal brand — one that DOESN’T revolve around constant self-promotion and instead revolves around building awareness and a personal brand.

(Say what you want about the cringey-ness of personal brand; it works.)

If you’re not sure what to post, start by commenting on other people’s posts. You’re using their post as a prompt for your own ideas.

This doesn’t work if you reply with something like, “I agree!” It has to be substantial. The benefits are twofold: you’ll generate ideas for future content of your own and you’ll start showing up in the feeds of other people. Start small, like commenting on at least five posts per day.

Then you’ll take your comments and turn them into your own posts. You can easily export your comments from LinkedIn by going to your profile -→ Settings and privacy → Data privacy → Get a copy of your data. Take your prior comments, expand on the idea, and you have a LinkedIn post of your own.

Repurposing is always easier than coming up with net new content. You’ve already had the idea when you left the comment. Why not get extra mileage out of it?

If you’re really struggling or feel like your writing isn’t up to snuff, hire a ghostwriter. As a writer myself, I firmly believe that…

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