Robinhood has teamed up with Consensys’s MetaMask ecosystem to simplify cryptocurrency purchases for its users, specifically targeting U.S. customers.

Through this collaboration, Robinhood Connect, integrated with MetaMask’s Buy Crypto aggregator, aims to improve the crypto purchasing experience.

Robinhood Connect allows users to buy and exchange cryptocurrencies while supporting self-custody wallets and decentralized applications.

Meanwhile, MetaMask’s Buy Crypto aggregator facilitates cryptocurrency purchases from various providers across 189 countries, ensuring compliance with regional know-your-customer laws.

Lorenzo Santos, Consensys Senior Product Manager, expressed excitement about the partnership, emphasizing the combination of Robinhood’s trading benefits with MetaMask’s secure and self-custodial wallet, ultimately aiming to make crypto trading safe, accessible and affordable for users.

Robinhood has enhanced its services by integrating with MetaMask’s Buy Crypto aggregator, enabling its customers to conveniently purchase cryptocurrencies through Robinhood Connect.

This integration provides users with access to multiple cryptocurrency providers, streamlining the process of buying crypto.

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