Nibiru chain made its way through the funding round with an intense participation from the investors. 

In the recent release on February 5, Nibiru Chain, a developer-focussed Layer-1 chain, reportedly got its gig in the funding round and raised about $12 million. The latent funding round has seen great participation from significant investors such as Kraken Ventures, NGC, Tribe Capital, Arkstream, Master Ventures and Banter Capital. 

Words of the Wise

The funding took many turns, but on a positive note, the newly added capital will be entirely invested in the rapid enhancement of growth. According to Nibiru Chain,  “Nibiru optimizes for developers with a built-in dev toolkit, easy-to-use APIs, language SDKs, and a native oracle. It offers 40,000 TPS, 1.4s block times, and robust security, thanks partly to the CosmWasm intelligent contracts. Its built-in DeFi super applications, along with native Oracle and data-indexing functionalities, significantly reduce the technical selection difficulties for DeFi projects

Opportunities Rain for the Developers

Nibiru Chain carries abilities such as 40000 transactions every second, smart contracts and robust security. Besides this, it helps generate versatility concerning real-world assets, De-Fi, gaming and much more. With the same new capital, the firm is cutting down its challenges in the industry while giving rise to the avid opportunities for the existing and developers.

The latest funding will be destined to envision its rapid growth as the standard platform for the coming fourth generation of blockchain applications.

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