An NFT-centric parachain in Polkadot’s (DOT) ecosystem registered the fastest NFT mint in the history of Web3. This accomplishment is set to demonstrate the technical opportunities of Polkadot-based NFTs and stress test the minting system.

Polkadot’s (DOT) parachain, Unique Network, sets NFT minting speed record: 4,930 collectibles per minute

Unique Network, an NFT-focused decentralized platform and one of Polkadot’s (DOT) parachains, registered a record-breaking achievement. In just 60 seconds, it managed to handle the minting of 4,930 non-fungible tokens designed for a mainstream GameFi project.

Polkadot's Unique Network sets NFTs minting record
Image by Unique Network

NFTs for interactive Web3 game Forever Has Fallen were minted via Unique Network. The tokens, known as Bounty Hunter Tickets (BHTs), are integral to the immersive experience of Forever Has Fallen, granting players access to Hunters Lair in the game’s metaverse.

Developers of the project conducted extensive tests across various blockchain networks, evaluating critical factors such as gas fees, minting speed and overall performance. This rigorous assessment phase involved minting three lots of 100,000 NFTs, with developers ultimately concluding that Polkadot’s infrastructure was optimally suited for the historic mass NFT minting.

Alexandar Mitrovic, CEO of Unique Network, highlights the impressive opportunities Polkadot (DOT) network unlocks for the NFT and GameFi segments thanks to technical supremacy and resource-efficiency:

Working on Polkadot offers great flexibility. We are free to optimize the code and forklessly upgrade the chain. Our core developers have been waiting for an opportunity to test a series of performance improvement ideas on a large scale. Forever Has Fallen gave them the opportunity to present a business case that talks to mass consumers

Through the combination of Unique Network’s technology and the Polkadot SDK, Forever Has Fallen’s ability to transfer thousands of NFTs at unprecedented speeds enables its narrative-driven interactive metaverse to set new benchmarks for the entire sphere.

Gearing toward Asynchronous Backing in Polkadot (DOT)

Kimon Lycos, Founder and CEO of Incite, the production studio behind Forever Has Fallen, adds that this record is of paramount importance to the progres of Web2 game migration toward Web3 rails:

Because our production is first and foremost about fun, we want Web3 elements to be under the hood, and to have this type of speed will enable a Web2 type experience of instant gratification

In 2024, more and more exciting announcements are expected by the enthusiasts of Polkadot’s (DOT) GameFi scene.

The upcoming integration of Asynchronous Backing (AB) by Polkadot’s Core developers is set to further enhance the network’s speed and efficiency, signaling a transformative era in blockchain and NFT development.

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