Episode 8 of Transit Love (EXchange) season 3 arrived on TVING on Friday, February 2, 2024. The dating reality show has gained widespread popularity among the audience due to its unique concept of bringing ex-girlfriends and boyfriends under one roof while they look for new partners. In the newly released episode, viewers see a lot of unexpected and emotional moments.

The biggest highlight of Transit Love (EXchange) season 3 episode 8 is the arrival of a new male participant, Choi Chang Jin, on the show. With his arrival, the excitement and tension in the house are on the rise. The episode also showcases an emotionally heavy segment, where all the participants, including the two new ones, Choi Chang Jin and Kong Sang Jeong, read the ex-introduction once again.

Transit Love (EXchange) Season 3 Episode 8: Choi Chang Jin meets all the female participants after his arrival

The eighth episode of Transit Love (Exchange) season 3 features a series of engaging events. In the episode, Seo Dong-Jin goes on a date with Lee Seo Kyung, while Lee Ju Won goes on a date with Lee Yu Jung. Later, Kim Kwang also takes Lee Seo Kyung on a date. It seems like all three dates have gone really well. The participants seem quite comfortable with each other on their dates.

After the selected dates are over, the show invites all five female participants for a separate girls’ night. In the meantime, the dating show also invites all four male participants for a separate boys’ outing. Both groups have the opportunity to talk to each other while having some delicious food and drinks. The female contestants talk about how they are feeling about finding new connections on the show. Meanwhile, the male participants also try to understand who likes whom in the house.

While the female contestants are enjoying their time, a new male participant, Choi Chang Jin, arrives at the place. Thus, Choi Chang Jin gets the opportunity to talk to all the women before entering the house. Most of the female participants seem to take an interest in Choi Chang Jin, especially Song Da Hye, which is quite unexpected. She seems to take the initiative to ask the new participant questions.

It is very unlikely of her as she has been invested in her ex-boyfriend, Seo Dong-Jin, from the very beginning. Thus, it looks like Song Da Hye has finally found someone interesting on the show, except her ex-boyfriend. Towards the end of the Transit Love (EXchange) Season 3 Episode 8, all the participants return to the show’s house.

The men arrive first and see that an extra bunk bed has been added to one of the rooms for the men. They quickly realize that a new male participant has joined the show. Then, the women arrive at the house, along with the new contestant Choi Chang Jin. The house then gets filled with new excitement and tension.

Choi Chang Jin selects Song Da Hye as his first date on the show in episode 8

Soon, in the Transit Love (EXchange) Season 3 Episode 8, they all begin an introduction session. Then a new letter arrives, which asks all of them to reveal their ages to everyone. Lee Seo Kyung’s age and Cho Hwi Hyun’s age shocks all the other participants. They expected Lee Seo Kyung to be much younger than her real age and Cho Hwi Hyun to be a bit older than he really is.

Thereafter, another letter arrives, and this time, it is the ex-introduction letter for the new contestants, Choi Chang Jin and Kong Sang Jeong. To make it fair for them, all the other contestants also read their ex-introduction letters again. The entire segment turns out to be an emotional roller coaster as several of the participants break down in tears while reading the letters.

Then, the dating show Transit Love (EXchange) Season 3 again sends another letter to them. As the letter informs, Choi Chang Jin gets the opportunity to choose a female participant for his first date on the show. He ends up choosing Song Da Hye for his date. The episode ends right there.

Viewers can watch Transit Love (EXchange) Season 3 on TVING.

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