A new cryptocurrency called Pandoshi (PAMBO) has been attracting a lot of attention from investors in popular tokens like Shiba Inu and Solana. With its presale price under $1, innovative features, and rapidly growing community, Pandoshi aims to be the next big meme coin. 

An Overview of Pandoshi

Pandoshi brands itself as a “manifesto championing decentralization, advocating for privacy, and promoting monetary freedom.” Its deflationary token PAMBO and ecosystem of products, including a DEX, blockchain, wallet, and crypto cards, embrace the core values of decentralization.

50% of PAMBO’s 2 billion total supply is allocated to its public presale, making it more egalitarian than other meme coins. The presale is currently in its final phase, with the price per PAMBO at $0.01, setting the stage for intake from meme coin communities. 

Pandoshi is also committed to getting listed on major centralized exchanges, including Binance and Coinbase, as well as the decentralized exchange Uniswap. Listings on large exchanges boost accessibility and liquidity for investors.

Why Shiba Inu Investors Are Interested

Pandoshi is attracting interest from the Shiba Inu community. While Shiba Inu reached a market cap of over $40 billion at its peak in 2021, it has since declined significantly to around $5 billion.

Pandoshi offers Shiba Inu investors an opportunity to get in early on a similar meme coin before it potentially reaches new highs. And with its presale price still under $1, the risk-reward ratio is attractive for speculative investors.

Pandoshi also shares some tokenomic similarities with Shiba Inu, including a deflationary mechanism designed to increase scarcity over time. But Pandoshi distinguishes itself with unique offerings like crypto debit cards and a focus on privacy and decentralization.

Overall, Pandoshi signals the birth of an innovative community that embraces the ethos of decentralization while having fun with meme coin culture. This unique blend can capture interest from major meme coin investors looking for the next big thing.

Why Solana Investors are Buying In

In contrast to Shiba Inu, Solana is a more serious blockchain project focused on decentralization and scalability that reached a market cap of over $100 billion in 2021. So why are Solana investors also interested in Pandoshi?

First, Pandoshi is launching its own layer-2 blockchain called PandaChain in 2024. By having its cost-effective blockchain infrastructure specialized for the Pandoshi ecosystem, the project aims to increase decentralization and scalability, like Solana.

Additionally, Pandoshi utilizes cutting-edge protocols on its blockchain, like PolyBFT consensus, zero-knowledge proofs, and bridging infrastructure. These technical capabilities can appeal to investors enthused by Solana’s tech.

Finally, speculation that mainstream acceptance of cryptocurrencies will grow positions Pandoshi’s real-world-focused products, such as crypto debit cards and a mobile wallet, to benefit immensely.

Pandoshi’s blend of meme coin culture and dedication to advancing decentralized technology summarizes why both Shiba Inu and Solana investors see strong upside potential.


As the cryptocurrency market braces for a bull run in 2024, community-driven meme coins and sophisticated blockchain projects can thrive together. Pandoshi bridges these segments with an innovative yet accessible ecosystem of products fueled by its PAMBO token.

With presale prices still under $1, listings on major exchanges on the horizon, and interest from major meme coin and blockchain communities, 2024 may be the year of the Panda in crypto.

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Visit the links below for more information about Pandoshi (PAMBO):
Website: https://pandoshi.com/
Whitepaper: https://docs.pandoshi.com/

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