• The trailer for True Detective: Night Country episode 5 hints at more supernatural encounters and the potential link between the cases.
  • The death of Navarro’s sister and the discovery of Otis Heiss being alive add complexity to the investigation.
  • The case is causing a further divide between Danvers and Navarro as they face the curse and new clues.



The True Detective: Night Country episode 5 trailer continues following Danvers and Navarro’s investigation. The fourth season of HBO’s anthology crime drama, subtitled Night Country, chronicles the investigation into the mysterious disappearance of eight men from the Tsalal research station in Alaska, which is connected to the unsolved murder of climate activist Annie Kowtok from six years ago. The True Detective: Night Country episode 3 ending saw Navarro and Danvers discover a video of Annie’s death as the search for one of the researchers and primary suspects, Raymond Clark, who had a secret relationship with Annie, continues.

After the fourth episode aired, Max released the official trailer for True Detective season 4, episode 5. Watch it below:

The trailer teases more supernatural encounters for Navarro, as Danvers continues to argue that the Annie K and Tsalal cases are linked. Captain Ted Connelly (Christopher Eccleston) tells her the case is closed, and after Danvers’ daughter Leah attends a climate rally that turns violent, along with encountering other issues, Danvers informs Navarro that the investigation is over.


True Detective: What Happened To The Researchers In Night Country?

True Detective season 4’s episode 2 leaves viewers with two nagging questions: what might have happened to the researchers and who murdered them?

What To Expect From True Detective: Night Country Episode 5

Jodi Foster as Danvers, Nivi Pedersen as Annie Masu Kowtok, and Kali Reis as Navarro in True Detective Night Country

One of the most surprising developments in True Detective: Night Country episode 4 was the death of Navarro’s sister, Julia, who killed herself very similarly to the Tsalal researchers by taking off her clothes, carefully folding them, and walking out onto the ice. Navarro theorizes that the same “curse” killed her sister and her mother, which could also be the same curse that killed Annie K and the Tsalal researchers. Based on the ending to episode 4, the curse could also be coming for Navarro as well.

The True Detective: Night Country episode 4 ending also saw Danvers discover that Otis Heiss is still alive, who sustained the same injuries as the Tsalal researchers in 1998, though he somehow survived after all those years. Otis is also wearing Raymond’s jacket, suggesting they likely crossed paths at some point, while Navarro sees her dead sister’s ghost, and her eardrums begin bleeding. While it’s difficult to make sense of these new clues, the case is going to get a lot more complicated in the penultimate episode 5, which could cause a further divide between Danvers and Navarro.

True Detective: Night Country airs new episodes Sunday nights on HBO and Max.

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