In the Naruto universe, where villages compete for leadership and witness strong leaders, the Mizukage is a force to reckon with. They are responsible for the security of the Land of Water. Throughout the series, different Mizukages have left their impact. They’ve all, in their own way, contributed to the rich fabric that is the story of Naruto.

Now, let’s get more into the details and rate the most powerful Mizukages, discussing their influence and achievements.

Byakuren (First Mizukage)

The first Mizukage, Byakuren, has etched his place in history not only by rallying the warriors of the Land of Water but also by establishing Kirigakure. Although his image was inferior, Byakuren led his people to stand united. But his conservative attitude made Kirigakure an outcast from other ninja villages. This eventually made the village famous for its mysterious and brutal Bloody Mist period. The fact that Byakuren did all that to protect his people was praiseworthy. Having said that, his idea of seclusion invited some future struggles.

Third Mizukage

The third Mizukage, who started as a bodyguard of Byakuren in diplomatic events, was left to deal with the fallout of the Bloody Mist era. Presented with the assignment of rebuilding Kirigakure, the third Mizukage chose an even more distant attitude. However, though he tried to reunite the village, his actions unintentionally encouraged separatism. Moreover, his relationship with the Gengetsu/Mu feud resulted in the worsening of relations between Kirigakure and other villages. This further preserved the legacy of seclusion and internal strife in the village.

Chojuro (Fifth Mizukage)

In the aftermath of the infamous ‘Bloody Mist’ era, Chojuro became the fifth Mizukage and vowed to change Kirigakure’s reputation. Working with Mei Terumi, Chojuro focused on internal reforms, turning the village into a more hospitable and traditional ninja community. As a supreme swordsman and a highly skilled water ninjutsu user, Chojuro reflected both gentleness and toughness. Even though he separated himself from earlier Mizukage’s cruelty, he was still a powerful man whose life was centered around the protection of his people.

Yagura (Fourth Mizukage)

Yagura, Mizukage number four, is ranked among history’s most terrible leaders. Raised in a violent environment, Yagura only magnified brutality during his reign, thus becoming the leader under whose regime the ‘Bloody Mist’ period spiked the most. As a child, Yagura won the Ninja Academy graduation battle. As a result, his ascent to the position of Mizukage brought new power to the world, relying on the Three-Tailed Beast and his gifts. Even with his obscured dark reputation and the presence of Madara, Yagura’s overwhelming strength left Kirigakure’s fate in his hands.

Gengetsu (Second Mizukage)

After the development of the five Hidden Villages, the second Mizukage, Gengetsu, inherited the difficult task of preserving peace and stability. During the feud with Mu, who was the second Tsuchikage at that time, Gengetsu showed his devastating abilities by calling a giant clam to fight against his enemies. His most prominent capability included employing air-based oil to offset the sand abilities of the Kazekage as much as he could. Even though Gengetsu was strong, his hateful feelings towards Mu resulted in their deaths, showing the intricacy of Kirigakure’s leaders.

In Naruto’s monumental universe, each Mizukage played their part in weaving the intricate fabric of their time. The third Mizukage’s fight against isolationism, Byakuren’s unity, Chojuro’s reformative efforts, Yagura’s tyranny, and Gengetsu’s achievements in the time of instability reveal the range of difficulties encountered by these leaders. Being the defenders of the Land of Water, Mizukages left a substantial mark on the world of Naruto, their virtues and shortcomings defining the fate of Kirigakure and affecting the overall plot of the series.

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