The Layer 2 will distribute points to early network adopters and Ethereum ecosystem users.

Mode is the latest Ethereum Layer 2 network to boast surging growth after announcing incentives for early adopters.

On Jan. 31, Mode announced it will airdrop 550M MODE or 5.5% of the upcoming token’s supply to early users in its first airdrop campaign. The event will reward users for bridging assets onto the network, using Mode-native decentralized applications, referrals, participating in future quests, and previous activity on networks and dApps within the Ethereum ecosystem.

The announcement has quickly driven up Mode adoption as airdrop hunters race to collect points qualifying them for the upcoming token drop.

More than $64M worth of assets have already been bridged onto the network, according to L2beat, with five native DeFi dApps amassing $24.4M, according to DeFi Llama. Roughly $21M has been deposited to Ionic Protocol, a Mode-native money market protocol, followed by $3.3M taken in by the Kim decentralized exchange.