KBS shared the Love Song for Illusion episode 10 photos, starring Park Ji-Hoon and Hong Ye-Ji in lead roles. The K-drama currently deals with King Sajo Hyeong and Yeon Wol’s budding romance amid dangerous political chaos.

In episode 9 ending, Yeon Wol enters a burning chamber to save people, leaving Sajo Hyeong devastated. They share an intimate moment when he finds her alive near a river. On the other hand, his half-brother Sajo Yung continues to plot against the King.

The latest Love Song for Illusion episode 10 photos tease Yeon Wol donning a different look to meet Sajo Hyeong. Take a look at the pictures here:

Love Song for Illusion episode 10 photos: Hong Ye-Ji disguises as a man to meet Park Ji-Hoon 

In the Love Song for Illusion episode 10 photos, Hong Ye-Ji’s Yeon Wol disguises as a man. It seems she enters the palace in disguise to meet the king. The pictures feature Park Ji-Hoon’s Sajo Hyeong, shocked to see his lover’s appearance.

Previously, they bid farewell to each other because of a promise Yeon Wol made to Sajo Hyeong’s alter personality, Ak-Hee. But the lead characters’ love fails to keep them apart. KBS also shared a clip related to the scene in the photos. The king seems frustrated about something and heads to meet his guest reluctantly. It appears the guest is Yeon Wol.

Earlier, the network released the Love Song for Illusion episode 10 trailer. In it, the King confronts Sajo Yung regarding human trafficking. The latter is filled with rage and forces shaman Cheong-Ta to find a way to bring back Ak-Hee and lock away Sajo Hyeong. Sajo Yung will likely use Yeon Wol to lure out Ak-Hee.

Love Song for Illusion episode 10 release date and time

Love Song for Illusion episode 10 will premiere on Monday, February 5, 2024, at 10.10 p.m. KST on KBS. It will also be available for streaming on Viki.

Consisting of 16 episodes, the fantasy romance K-drama airs twice weekly on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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