For two seasons, fans have been enjoying the crooked antics and grifting tactics of Leverage: Redemption, a revival of the 2008 original series airing on Freevee (formerly IMDbTV). The crime drama — which stars Gina Bellman, Christian Kane and Beth Riesgraf as leaders of a vigilante group fighting back against corporate injustice — aired its debut season in 2021. 

A second season of Leverage: Redemption aired again on Freevee in 2023. Now, the critically acclaimed series is poised to captivate fans for yet another run, but this time it’s on the move. Here’s everything we know about the third season of Leverage: Redemption, its potential release date, cast and more. 

Leverage: Redemption season 3

Leverage: Redemption was renewed for a third season in December 2023. While it was welcome news for fans for the series, the season three greenlight came with a small caveat. The show’s third installment will move from its regular home of Freevee — which aired the previous two seasons — to Amazon Prime Video, a significant change given that Leverage: Redemption was one of the major scripted titles on Freevee. 

The move showcase’s Amazon’s confidence in the series, undoubtedly opening up Leverage: Redemption to a much broader fanbase. The first two seasons of the show are still available to stream on Freevee, and so too is its mothership series Leverage, which ran for five seasons from 2008 to 2012.

Leverage: Redemption season 3 release window

Amazon confirmed that the third season of Leverage: Redemption will be released sometime in 2024, though an exact date hasn’t been confirmed. Based on the release windows of the previous two seasons, and considering that season 3 was only ordered in December, we can safely assume that the third outing of Leverage: Redemption will arrive in late 2024. 

Leverage: Redemption season 3 cast

Given the procedural-type format, it’s likely that the cast for season 3 of Leverage: Redemption won’t change too drastically. Long-running castmates Bellman, Kane and Riesgraf are all expected to return, alongside Aleyse Shannon as hacker Breanna Case, and Noah Wyle as crooked former lawyer Harry Wilson. Andrea Navedo will likely reprise her role as Kane’s love interest Maria Shipp and so too will Lucy Taylor as Bligh. 

Leverage: Redemption season 3 plot

While the season 2 finale tied together a few major plot threads, the fate of other characters remains less clear. Season 3 of Leverage: Redemption could dig deeper into Nate’s death, the complicated relationship between Sophie and Astrid, the potential for a NASA heist hinted in season 2 and perhaps most excitingly, the long-awaited reveal of the elusive Nana. Fans will simply have to wait to watch it unfold, as season 3 of Leverage: Redemption hits Prime Video later this year.

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