With Batman: The Brave and The Bold rumors once again floating around, James Gunn sets the record straight on the supposed DC Universe casting.

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  • James Gunn denies rumors of new Batman casting for the upcoming Batman: The Brave and The Bold movie.
  • Gunn clarifies that he keeps getting asked about the casting rumors, but insists that they are completely false.
  • DC Studios co-CEO emphasizes that they are still in the early stages of the project.



As the DC Universe is set to get working on multiple projects in 2024, James Gunn addresses the latest Batman: The Brave and The Bold casting rumors.

While the Batman: The Brave and The Bold movie doesn’t have a release date yet, rumors have been floating around that DC Studios is looking to start casting soon. However, when Gunn got asked about it on Threads, the DC Studios co-CEO decided to address the latest report.

James Gunn On Batman The Brave And The Bold Casting

In response to Gabriel Mars’ question if “it’s true that a new actor is about to be cast for Batman,” Gunn stated that he “keep getting this question,” as he “don’t know where it’s coming from but, wherever it is, it’s totally false. We don’t have a script yet.”

Source: James Gunn/Threads

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