The age of the remake has officially reached our favorite children’s shows, with Danny Phantom now eyeing the possibility of a live-action adaptation. The beloved cartoon ran for three years, between 2004 and 2007, and followed the titular Danny Fenton, the 14-year-old son of ghost hunters Jack and Maddie. After an accident involving his parents’ Ghost Portal, Danny is transformed into a half-ghost and begins his life as a ghostly superhero. The delightful series was a staple of many millennial childhoods and the potential of a live-action reimagining is tantalizing.

All the more tantalizing is the idea of one of the 2020’s biggest stars bringing the character to life. Tom Holland is reportedly at the top of the list to play the titular Danny, and without much else on his plate at the moment, he could be the perfect candidate for the role.

Is Tom Holland going to star in a Danny Phantom adaptation?

Tom Holland as Danny Phantom
Image via Nickelodeon

The idea of a live-action Danny Phantom was enough to stir the cartoon’s fans into a frenzy, and we quickly got ahead of ourselves. All this furor was prompted by the admission of original series creator Butch Hartman that, if a live-action adaptation were to happen, Holland would be his first choice.

Unfortunately for those of us with the theme song now playing on repeat in our heads, no Danny Phantom live-action has been green-lit as of yet. This means Holland is not confirmed to be starring in the film, but if it were to be green-lit, we now know who’s at the top of the list to bring the teenage ghost to life. Holland would be an excellent choice, but only for another few years. He’s clearly got a great grasp on that teenage vibe, but he’s already 27 and will be pushing 30 in no time, something that will likely disqualify him from playing many more teenage roles. If any studio executives are listening — and eyeing a Danny Phantom adaptation starring Holland — you’ll want to get on that soon.

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