A liberating realization after studying entrepreneurs and creators for hundreds of hours.

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“Everyone is doing better than me.” This thought takes me to bad most nights. I’m exhausted. I should be lowering my cortisol and getting ready for a deserved sleep. But I can’t avoid this torture.

I can’t stop thinking about this creator I just read about. He’s launched a daily newsletter and is growing like crazy. Should do the same?

But I’m already creating 1–2 long-form articles every week, plus 1–2 YouTube videos (they are 20 to 40 minutes long), plus one newsletter. And I’m trying to engage on social media every day. While also serving clients, of course.

I can’t stop studying successful examples, they feed my idea generation machine. They help me serve my clients better. But they inevitably start the comparison rollercoaster.

So many creators are doing more and better than me. Or at least it seems so. I know every tactic. I have the skills. Why am I not like them? What else should I try?

I must be missing something, even after 14 years of running content businesses. I constantly dissect successful creators like a forensic scientist. If you look closely enough, you always find some hidden trick. May it be the key to success? That tiny tactic?

The fear of being wrong, the disappointment of my failures, and a pinch of shiny object syndrome, make me magnify the importance of insignificant details. But it’s an endless chase.

This exhausting process led to my worst mistakes in the past. I studied for hundreds of hours (probably thousands, at this point). I have an encyclopedia of tactics in my mind.

Yet, I can never truly grasp the complete picture.

  • Some details are fully available, like products and content.
  • Some details can be learned with a sufficient detail from interviews and behind the scenes (like the daily routines).

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