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Kuwaki is the first boss of Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth and he serves as a tutorial challenge to ensure that you understand the fundamentals of battle. Trying to fight him head on can be dangerous, but use of various combat systems can make him manageable.



As Kuwaki is fought early in the storyline, he isn’t even among the top ranked enemies. However, if you opt into the New Game Plus DLC, even the weakest bosses gain improved stats. Still, you can never underestimate any chapter boss.


Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth – How To Get Shark Fins & Squid Tentacles (The Easy Way)

Shark Fins and Squid Tentacles are important crafting materials in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth that you can easily farm to build legendary weapons.

How To Prepare For Kuwaki

Ichiban Adachi Nanba chapter one team in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth

At this point, you will have a fixed party of Kasuga Ichiban, Yu Nanba, and Koichi Adachi. These are all former party members returning from Yakuza: Like a Dragon. You must use their default jobs of Hero, Homeless Guy, and Detective, respectively. However, you can still increase both their character level and job ranks. It is recommended to have at least character level 10 and job rank 7 with everyone before heading to the river.

It is also a good idea to have good gear. Head to the shop and buy the best weapons and armor for everyone. Also, use whatever remaining cash to purchase health items.

How To Defeat Kuwaki

Ichiban defends himself in a quick time event against Kuwaki in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth

Kuwaki will be waiting outside the Seiryu Chairman’s room to stop your team. He is a level 7 Seiryu Clan Member. He primarily fights with a sword and will target one party member at a time. He has no direct weaknesses or resistances, making most attacks viable. Throughout the fight, keep Ichiban’s Hero’s Wisdom up to increase chances of critical damage.

First Phase

An easy means of both harming and repositioning Kuwaki is with Adachi’s Monkey Flip. Each time you match the on-screen input, Adachi will roll and send his target even further. Once the boss is downed, move Ichiban in to deal damage with normal back attacks. Finally, Nanba can further draw Kuwaki’s attention so that the others can get more back attacks.​​​​​​​

Second Phase

After Kuwaki has lost half of his health in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth he will summon five more level 6 Seiryu Clan Members. There will also be a short quick time event you should win, or you will suffer extra damage during this phase. The additional enemies should have around the same health as Kuwaki at this point, but deal less damage. Aim to bunch them all up and hit them with Nanba’s Pyro Belch. Ichiban and Adachi can use mostly normal attack and heal when needed.

Even if Kuwaki falls, you do need to defeat all the other minions. Time your actions and focus correctly so that everyone can be dispatched with a final Pyro Belch or normal attack.

After defeating Kuwaki, you will soon begin your journey towards Hawaii and the rest of the game. Both Adachi and Nanba will leave the party at this point, though Ichiban will meet them again at a later point. When that time comes, Adachi can utilize Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth‘s best jobs you have already unlocked. Nanba will instead remain in Japan and meet up with Kazuma Kiryu’s second party.

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January 26, 2024

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