Bhediya, a 2022 Indian Hindi-language horror comedy film, stands out as a unique cinematic experience. Directed by Amar Kaushik and produced by Dinesh Vijan, the film features a talented cast, including Varun Dhawan, Kriti Sanon, Abhishek Banerjee, Deepak Dobriyal, and Paalin Kabak.

This story, penned by Niren Bhatt, draws inspiration from the legend of a shape-shifting werewolf from Arunachal Pradesh, determined to protect its jungle at any cost. Released on November 25, 2022, Bhediya garnered positive reviews, particularly for its visual effects, screenplay, direction, humor, and performances. It represents the third installment in the Maddock Supernatural Universe.

Why did Bhaskar and Janardhan come to Arunachal Pradesh?

The film opens with Bhaskar Sharma and his cousin, Janardhan, arriving in a small town in Arunachal Pradesh. Their purpose is to oversee a road-building project. They are introduced to the locale by two natives, Jomin and Panda. One fateful night in the forest, Bhaskar suffers a bizarre incident – he is bitten by a wolf. Fortunately, Dr. Anika, the local veterinarian, comes to his aid and saves him from a grave injury.

In the days following the incident, Bhaskar notices peculiar changes in himself. His senses, especially smell and hearing, are heightened to an extraordinary degree. He even discovers an uncanny ability to communicate with animals. Parallel to these developments, the local community, particularly the tribal groups, strongly oppose the deforestation necessitated by the road construction.

The tension escalates when two individuals linked to the project are found dead, bearing animal bite marks, leading to speculation of a wild animal’s involvement. Panda, one of the natives, voices a chilling theory – these deaths are the work of a werewolf, or Yapum, as known in local lore.

Who was the werewolf?

Soon, the werewolf’s identity is revealed. It is none other than Bhaskar himself. Since the wolf’s bite incident, he involuntarily transforms into a werewolf every night, losing control over his actions. To prevent further harm, Bhaskar and his companions decide to isolate him in a secluded area. However, their plan hits a snag when a local police officer discovers Bhaskar’s secret and threatens to expose him. In a twist of fate, the same wolf that had bitten Bhaskar appears and kills the officer.

Seeking a cure, the group consults an elderly doctor, who informs them that Bhaskar’s only salvation lies in being bitten again by the same wolf under the specific conditions of a new moon night at the original location of the bite. Bhaskar, along with Jana and Jomin, ventures into the forest for this purpose. Here, they realize the truth that the werewolf is none other than Dr. Anika. She confesses to having been bitten by a wolf a century ago, and since then, she has assumed the role of the forest’s guardian, eliminating anyone attempting to harm it. She reveals that her initial intention was to kill Bhaskar, but she spared him, sensing his inherent kindness.

Bhediya ending: Was Bhaskar able to save Anika?

The climax unfolds with high tension as Anika is shot and apprehended by the local police. Bhaskar, in his werewolf form, comes to her rescue, defeating their adversaries. Despite their efforts, Anika succumbs to her injuries and tragically falls off a cliff, leaving Bhaskar heartbroken. Yet, in her final moments, she passes on the mantle of the forest’s protector to Bhaskar. He honors her legacy by deciding to construct the road around the forest’s borders, thereby preserving its trees and greenery. Meanwhile, the mysterious deaths of several individuals involved in the deforestation project lead to its eventual cancellation.

The film concludes with a mid-credits scene linking it to the broader Maddock Supernatural Universe. Vicky and Bittu, characters from Stree, arrive seeking Jana’s assistance in locating the supernatural witch. Jana, having previously been possessed by Stree and now preparing for the UPSC exam, is caught off guard by their request. The scene ends with Bhaskar transforming into a werewolf, startling Vicky and Bittu, hinting at more supernatural adventures to come in this intriguing cinematic universe.

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