HBO’s “Game of Thrones” spin-off “House of the Dragon” will return to screens with its second season this Summer – but before that happens it’s undergoing some additional work.

A new report over at Redaian Intelligence indicates that the series returned to production at Leavesden Studios and began reshooting parts of the season earlier this month.

The site indicates those reshoots, which were initially planned to be for only two or three weeks, are now extending through mid-March.

A big part of the reshoots will be a major battle sequence with the outlet indicating it’s likely the Battle at Rook’s Rest.

That battle was shot over two weeks back in August last year, and so additional material for it will likely be one of the largest undertakings of the reshoots. Glimpses of said scene were revealed in the teaser trailer for the new season.

The first season underwent reshoots as well such as a scene in the premiere in front of the giant skull of Balerion.

The second season will clock in at a shorter eight episodes in all with the first titled “A Son for a Son” and the fourth “A Dance of Dragons”.

In December, author George R.R. Martin teased that they’re already working on developing third and fourth seasons for the show.

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