EXA Infrastructure has announced significant investments into its network connecting Sicily to mainland Italy, including upgrades to the Janna cable system and the addition of a submarine route connecting Palermo to Genoa. EXA can now offer four diverse routes from Sicily, providing greater choice and resiliency to businesses.

The Janna cable system, which is a hybrid of terrestrial and submarine links, has been upgraded with dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) technology, allowing the company to deliver 400G capacity on this path between Sicily and the Italian peninsula. It will also make available a brand new submarine route connecting Palermo and Genoa, thus providing access to Northern Italy’s economic hub. The Palermo-Genoa route is expected to be ready for service by early Q2 2024.

EXA provides the critical modern infrastructure and engineering expertise that serves as the backbone for digital and economic growth. Sicily is an important gateway for international traffic, and these diverse routes will facilitate global economic activity.

Steve Roberts, SVP of Strategic Investments and Product Management, EXA Infrastructure, says, “We recognise the importance of Sicily as one of the major gateways of international traffic into Europe and by upgrading and diversifying our paths off the island, we’re well prepared for current and future bandwidth demand. We’re committed to investing to grow our network and expand the availability and diversification of critical modern infrastructure for business.”

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