Drishyam has become a cult classic. The Mohanlal-starrer thriller was so intriguing that it was remade in several languages, including Hindi. Each of the remakes has also managed to perform well. Now, the film is ready to go beyond Indian languages. At the 76th Cannes Film Festival, it was confirmed that Drishyam will be remade in Korean.

Drishyam Achieves Rare Feat For An Indian Film

Drishyam is now all set to get a Korean remake. Kumar Mangat Pathak’s Panaroma Studios, which made the Hindi remake of the film, is teaming up with South Korea’s Anthology Studios to make it happen. What’s more – Cobweb director Kim Jee-woon and Parasite star Song Kang-ho are on board for the remake.

With this, Drishyam will become the first film to be officially remade in Korean. It will also mark the first collaboration between an Indian and a Korean studio as the two studios will jointly produce the remake. According to a report in Deadline, the production on the first installment is expected to start next year. 

Kumar Mangat On This Collaboration

Reacting to the collab, Kumar Mangat Pathak told Deadline, “I’m excited that the Drishyam franchise is being made in Korean, a first for a Hindi film. This will not only increase its reach outside India but will also put Hindi cinema on the global map. All these years, we have been inspired by Korean fare, now they have found a muse in one of our films.”

Former Warner Bros executive Jay Choi, who co-founded Anthology Studios, said, “We are thrilled to have an opportunity to remake a massively successful Hindi film with a touch of originality from Korean cinema. And the remake has greater significance as the first major co-production between Korea and India. Through our partnership, we will be able to bring the best of both Indian and Korean cinema and make a meaningful remake that is as excellent as the original.”

About Drishyam Franchise

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Written and directed by Jeetu Joseph, the Malayalam-language Drishyam (2013) was headlined by superstar Mohanlal. It followed a cable TV operator whose simple world splinters after an accidental death involving his family, and his desperate measures to shield them from the law. The massive success of the film spawned hit remakes in several languages – in Kannada as Drishya (2014), starring Ravichandran, in Telugu as Drushyam (2014), starring Venkatesh, in Tamil as Papanasam (2015), starring Kamal Haasan, in Hindi as Drishyam (2015), starring Ajay Devgn and in Sinhala as Dharmayuddhaya (2017), starring Jackson Anthony. A Chinese remake Sheep Without a Shepherd (2019), starring Xiao Yang, grossed $199 million.

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