Dave Bautista, who played Drax the Destroyer in the MCU’s Guardians of the Galaxy movies, opens up on the rumors of joining James Gunn’s DC Universe.

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  • Dave Bautista expresses his readiness to work with long-time collaborator James Gunn, whether it is in the DC Universe or not.
  • Bautista sees himself entering the WWE Hall of Fame before potentially joining Gunn’s DC Universe franchise.
  • Bautista holds James Gunn in high regard and states that he would work with him again for free due to their priceless camaraderie.



As James Gunn gets ready to get further into his DC Universe, his long-time collaborator Dave Bautista, who played Drax in his Marvel movies, talks about potentially joining the franchise.

In a recent interview with Comic Book, Bautista was asked if he saw himself entering the WWE Hall of Fame first or Gunn’s DC Universe franchise, as there have been speculation and rumors about him being cast in the new DC franchise. While Bautista sees himself taking on the WWE Hall of Fame first, the Guardians of the Galaxy star made it clear that he is more than ready to work with Gunn again, whether it is in the DC Universe or not, sharing the following:

I couldn’t give you an honest answer to that because I think…And, I’m only gonna say this because we’ve had conversations, over the years, it would the WWE Hall of Fame. I was supposed to go in last year and I was on a film and I just couldn’t travel. I was on a film in South Africa and logistically we just couldn’t make it happen. So, you know, and I haven’t talked to James about the DC Universe. I would love to work with James again, whether it’s DC Universe or not. I just love James Gunn. He’s an incredible director and we have a camaraderie that’s priceless. So to work with him again? I mean I’d do it for free. But, we just haven’t had the conversations. He’s on top of DC now. He’s doing his thing. I’m trying to grind along in my processing. But, I’m always open-minded too and I’ve expressed that to him.

Source: Comic Book

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