Starring Park Ji-Hoon and Hong Ye-Ji, Love Song for Illusion episode 14 aired on Tuesday on KBS. The fantasy K-drama currently revolves around people taking advantage of King Sajo Hyeon’s memory loss.

In episode 13 ending, Sajo Hyeon summons his alter personality, Ak-Hee, after saving Yeon Wol from Prince Hwang Ga-Ron. The king has still not gotten back his memories but has realized that he shares deep feelings with Yeon Wol.

The latest episode 14 shows Ak-Hee swooning over his time spent with Yeon Wol/Kyera. He admits that he doesn’t want to lose his lover to Sajo Hyeon. When Hwang Hee’s Sajo Yung offers a deal, he plans to betray the king. 

Love Song for Illusion episode 14 spoiler: Park Ji-Hoon’s Ak-Hee lies to Sajo Hyeon about Hong Ye-Ji

Park Ji-Hoon‘s Love Song for Illusion episode 14 begins with Ak-Hee taking over Sajo Hyeon’s body. When Yeon Wol realizes Ak-Hee is back, she gets concerned about his eyesight and stab wound. Her affection melts his heart, and he decides to win her back.

Shaman Cheong Ta appears in front of Ak-Hee and tells him that he can have Yeon Wol in his life. According to the plan, Ak-Hee has to stab Sajo Hyeon with the same knife he was wounded. Once the king is gone, Ak-Hee will cease to perish and can win over Yeon Wol’s heart. With this thought in mind, he returns to the mind space and lets Sajo Hyeon return.

Sajo Hyeon shares heart-fluttering moments with Yeon Wol. Although his memory has not returned, he knows he has feelings for her. The two share a passionate kiss. When they return to the house, they see Queen Geum-Hwa. She announces she is pregnant with the king’s child, leaving Sajo Hyeon and Yeon Wol in shock. They find it difficult to believe but cannot raise questions against the queen.

For context, the yet-to-be-born child is of Officer Ji, the bodyguard of Sajo Hyeon, who has been taken advantage of by Geum-Hwa. To protect the unborn child, Ji reluctantly joins the queen’s team and doesn’t tell Sajo Hyeon the truth. He also threatens Eunuch Neung, who also refrains from revealing the reality. Sajo Hyeon tries to find the truth through Ak-Hee, but the latter avoids him and meets Sajo Yung. He asks Ak-Hee to give away the throne, and he will help him get rid of Sajo Hyeon.

When the king meets his alter personality, Ak-Hee lies to him. He says that Yeon Wol likes Ak-Hee and is affectionate towards Sajo Hyeon only to keep Ak-Hee alive.

Love Song for Illusion episode 14 ending: Park Ji-Hoon’s Sajo Hyeon learns the truth

Towards the end of Love Song for Illusion episode 14, Hong Ye-Ji’s Yeon Wol is heartbroken by the queen’s pregnancy news. Her bodyguard, Master Yang, advises her to become the king’s concubine again. If not, then he asks her to leave Sajo Hyeon for good.

The next morning, the two part ways. While leaving, Yeon Wol gets a glimpse of Sajo Hyeon returning to the palace with the queen. Master Yang attacks the travelers and mentions the king’s promise to him. The king once promised Yang that he would not become like his mad father, and if he did, then Yang must kill him.

Master Yang then tells him that his heart belongs to Yeon Wol, not the queen. He tries to warn Sajo Hyeon of the manipulations, but his guards attack the master. Yeon Wol rushes towards Yang to save him, but in the end, he dies. Love Song for Illusion episode 14 ends with Sajo Hyeon succeeding in reading Ak-Hee’s mind and learning that he lied to him about Yeon Wol’s feelings.

Love Song for Illusion airs twice a week on KBS and Viki.

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