So, what’s Daredevil doing just standing there on the street? Well, according to photos and footage recorded from the set, this scene will feature the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen taking on his archnemesis Bullseye, who is once again played by Wilson Bethel. But instead of just donning his own devil costume, Bullseye will be wearing a much more comic book-y suit, although not the black and white one some fans were hoping for. The Bullseye symbol is also nowhere to be found on the mask, which is kind of a shame. On the new series, he’s got a blue, red, and black thing going on, with a pistol holster strapped to his chest and plenty of other weapons on his belt. Still, better than the Colin Farrell look from the 2003 Ben Affleck movie, right?

The last time we saw this Bullseye, he’d had his back broken by Fisk, leaving him paralyzed on the Netflix series. But he’s dealing with no such issues on the Disney+ show. In new footage, we get to see Daredevil and Bullseye getting into a scrap, with the hero tackling the villain before he can shoot someone in front of Josie’s bar. But who’s Bullseye’s target?

Hopefully not who we think it is. If you remember, Josie’s is the local Hell’s Kitchen dive where Matt, Karen, and Foggy like to unwind after a long day at the office. New scenes shot for the Disney+ series show the trio once again enjoying their time at the watering hole, but are things about to take a turn? Are Matt’s pals in trouble? We only just got Karen and Foggy back, so we sure hope not…

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