Crypto Rovers, a notable crypto trader, has unveiled a set of bold predictions for the year 2024. These forecasts touch on key players in the crypto market, offering a glimpse into potential developments that could reshape the landscape.

Bitcoin’s New All-Time High (ATH)

In a recent tweet post on X, Crypto Rovers opens the list with a bullish forecast for Bitcoin ($BTC), predicting that the leading cryptocurrency is on the verge of achieving a new all-time high (ATH). 

With the Bitcoin halving looming just 71 days away, this event is expected to halve the mining cost and amplify the scarcity of Bitcoin. Historical trends indicate that such conditions often usher in bullish sentiment, potentially propelling Bitcoin to achieve a new high before the conclusion of 2024.

Unexpected Rise of Ordinals

Crypto Rovers takes an unexpected turn by foreseeing the rise of ordinals. This suggests that lesser-known cryptocurrencies might suddenly become more popular, stepping out of the shadows and into the spotlight of the crypto world. The prediction implies a possible shift in investor interest toward unconventional altcoins.

$TAO Breaking into Top 20

A notable prediction is that $TAO might become one of the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market value. Even though we don’t know much about $TAO, Crypto Rovers thinks it could make a big impact on the list of popular cryptocurrencies. This could happen because $TAO might have some special features or exciting things coming up.

MATIC Entering the Top 10

Another ambitious forecast by Crypto Rovers centers around $MATIC, projecting its entry into the top 10 cryptocurrencies. $MATIC represents the Polygon network, known for its scalable solutions. This prediction suggests increased recognition and adoption of Polygon’s technology, leading to a higher market ranking.

Concluding the visionary predictions, Crypto Rovers sets the stage for Chainlink ($LINK) to achieve a remarkable milestone – a price of $100. Chainlink is renowned for its decentralized oracle network, and this prediction implies a significant surge in demand and value for the LINK token.

As the year unfolds, market observers will be keenly watching to see if Crypto Rovers’ foresight becomes a reality. However, as with any predictions in the volatile cryptocurrency space, caution and due diligence are advised. 

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