in the following question cisco catalyst 6500 not honoring static ip assignments I had been able to get 16 out of the 20 devices im working with to honor the static ip settings. 4 devices are for some reason not getting a static. During logging I kept testing one device and in the dhcp logging it stated assigned …. to even though it was assigned        0134.987a.xxxx.1d       Infinite                Manual        3498.7axx.xx1d          Feb 06 2024 05:19 AM    Automatic

the phone had the 01 in front of the mac and perfectly matched the Infinite entry for that device.

the 2 iot devices including did not nor did a kindle I believe.

These devices are connecting to a wifi acces point and the AP is poe in to the cisco. it supports vlas and trunking how ever is using the native vlan for the specific dhcp range.
there are a few devices that are actually wired directly to the switch and probably 10+ being wifi. below is the method of addign to the pool

address hardware-address 01e0.508b.xxxx.a5

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