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  • Janelle Pierzina, a popular reality TV contestant, may be retiring from reality television after her recent stint on The Traitors season 2.
  • Janelle does not want to compete in a regular season of Big Brother again, but might consider the spin-off show, Big Brother Reindeer Games.
  • Janelle will be selective about accepting future show offers, but is open to giving Snake in the Grass and Buddy Games a try.

Big Brother fans may never get the chance to see Janelle Pierzina compete on a reality TV show ever again. That is, unless they watch some of her old seasons. The Big Brother alum may be saying goodbye to reality television for good following her most recent stint competing on The Traitors season 2. Aside from Big Brother and The Traitors, Janelle has also competed in The Amazing Race and Snake in The Grass.

Janelle made her debut on reality TV in 2005 when she competed in Big Brother season 6. From the start, she proved herself to be a strong competitor with four overall competition wins throughout the season. Janelle ultimately came in third place before becoming the last jury member of the season. She then returned to the famous house the following summer for the first All-Star season of the show. Throughout the season, she set the record for the most Power of Veto wins in one season of the show. The reign has since been taken over by Big Brother 25 winner Jag Bains. Once again, Janelle came in third place in the season.

Six years later, Janelle returned to the Big Brother house for a third time. This go-around, Janelle, along with three other former players, returned to the game as a coach. They each had teams of new houseguests whom they coached through the game. Then, as the season went on, they no longer were coaches as they began playing their own, individual games. Unlike her first two times competing, Janelle ultimately came in 12th place. In 2018, Janelle and her fellow Big Brother 14 coach Brittney Haynes competed on The Amazing Race. Together, the Big Brother duo came in eighth place. Janelle later returned to the game for the second All-Star season in 2020, during which she was one of the first houseguests evicted. Most recently, Janelle competed on The Traitors season 2 but, unfortunately, did not make it to the end of the game.

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Janelle Is Considering Retiring From Reality Television

Janelle Pierzina sits in the dining room on 'The Traitors'
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Although she has been considered to be a queen of reality television for nearly 20 years, Janelle may be ready to retire from the industry. Following her recent banishment from The Traitors season 2, Janelle sat down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss her recent reality TV stint as well as what her future in the industry looks like. During the interview, Janelle admitted that she had not yet decided if she will continue doing reality television in the future. Her reasoning was simply that she does not know if her busy schedule would allow her to compete in any more reality shows. While she currently questions whether she will continue accepting offers for reality TV competition shows, Janelle did admit that she has said she planned on retiring in the past before later agreeing to compete in The Traitors.


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While her retirement may still be questionable, Janelle is certain that she will never compete on a regular season of Big Brother again. Janelle honestly admitted, “I really don’t want to play Big Brother anymore.” She explained that although she loves the game and is grateful for all the opportunities it has given her over the years, she just does not feel compelled to compete on the show for a fifth time. Janelle does not want to be locked in the house for days on end while making small talk with other players again. At this point in her life, Janelle is simply “over it.

As for a shortened version of the show, Janelle would consider competing on the brand-new spin-off show Big Brother Reindeer Games, but only under certain conditions. She would only consider competing in the holiday rendition of the show if the cast consisted of other players in the same age range as her. Additionally, Janelle admitted that she did not like that some of the cast members of the most recent Big Brother: All Star season were players who had only been in the game for a few days. She would have rather seen real Big Brother legends and former winners compete in the season instead.

With her decision to retire from reality television still being up in the air, Janelle will be quite selective about accepting any show offers that may come her way in the future. She enjoyed her time competing in Snake in the Grass because of how short of a film period it was. Therefore, if the opportunity arose, Janelle may take on that show for a second time. Additionally, Janelle is open to giving Buddy Games a try as well. Unfortunately for fans, it does not seem like Janelle will ever return to the Big Brother house to compete on the show again; however, there is still a slight chance they will get to see her on their television screens again in the future.

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