Time to set sail into the Carribean horizon! Bravo’s Below Deck officially returns for the high seas with Season 11. Steering the yacht into uncharted waters, the upcoming season introduces a fresh captain, Kerry Titheradge, succeeding the beloved Captain Lee Rosbach from the previous 10 seasons. Beyond the typical holiday cruise, Below Deck dives deep into the nitty gritty of cruise life, highlighting the professional adventures of the captain and crew.

From managing eclectic (and sometimes difficult) guests to navigating turbulent seas, Below Deck unfolds the challenges of keeping the luxury yacht sailing smoothly. With a new captain running things, familiar faces, and several new crew members from different backgrounds, the team strives to thread through the unpredictable waters ahead.

All hands on deck! Here’s everything we know so far about Below Deck Season 11.

Below Deck TV Show Poster

Below Deck

Follows the crew of a multi million dollar charter boat in the Caribbean.

Release Date
July 1, 2013

Mark Cronin

Lee Rosbach , Kate Chastain , Eddie Lucas , Ben Robinson , Ashton Pienaar


When Is ‘Below Deck’ Season 11 Coming Out?

Fraser Olender - Below Deck
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Mark your calendars! Below Deck Season 11 kicks off on Monday, February 5th at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo, treating audiences to a supersized 75-minute premiere. New episodes are also available to stream the next day on Peacock and the Bravo app, premiering Tuesdays at 6 a.m. EST.

In the meantime, audiences can catch up on all the maritime drama in the entire Below Deck collection from Seasons 1 to 10, available for streaming on Peacock. If that’s not enough, you can also binge-watch Below Deck Adventure, Below Deck Down Under, Below Deck Mediterranean, and Below Deck Sailing Yacht on Peacock, the Bravo website, or on the Bravo app. The app is also home to other reality TV guilty pleasures, including Vanderpump Rules and RHONY: Legacy.

Watch the Trailer for ‘Below Deck’ Season 11

The trailer for Below Deck Season 11 was first unveiled at BravoCon 2023 on November 3, 2023, unveiling Captain Kerry, a familiar face from Below Deck Adventure. Transporting audiences to the vibrant Grenada, the trailer captures the hustle on the yacht against the backdrop of tropical paradise.

Captain Kerry demands nothing less than perfection and unwavering professionalism. But amid the breathtaking views and endless parties, a bit of fun in between work doesn’t hurt, right? The trailer also shows potential tensions not only among the crew but also with their high-profile guests, pushing the crew to their limits with some out-of-the-box requests. As Captain Kerry puts it simply, “The easiest part about being a captain is driving the boat. The hard part is the crew.” Get ready for a wild ride on the high seas. No one’s getting out of this boat soon.

Who Stars in ‘Below Deck’ Season 11?

Steering the yacht this season is Captain Kerry Titheradge, the man responsible for leading the St. David crew as they cruise around Grenada. With a whopping 30 years in the yachting game, Captain Kerry credits his adventurous spirit to his upbringing in the Australian outback. Over his extensive career, he’s sailed across the globe, from North America to the Atlantic and Caribbean, but Grenada is a first for him. Despite navigating treacherous waters over the decade, the captain confesses that the most challenging aspect of his job is handling the personalities he encounters among his crew members throughout the years.

Captain Kerry has a solid team backing him up, with familiar faces Fraser Olender and Ben Willoughby on board. Audiences have witnessed Fraser’s journey from a regular stew to a chief stew in just two seasons of Below Deck — an impressive feat in a short period. As he steps into Season 11, Fraser acknowledges that taking on the role of chief stew means taking on the responsibilities of a therapist, which likely puts him on the spot in the drama unfolding on deck. Meanwhile, lead deckhand, Ben didn’t have the most memorable moments in the previous season. After his breakup with Camille, he’s looking for a much calmer season this time around.

Below Deck Season 11 also introduces a bunch of new faces on board. Chef Anthony Iracane is dedicated to the high-class culinary life and has been working in the yachting industry for over four years. Bosun Jared Woodin is set to be the series’ darling, as seen from his struggle to call out distances after normally working in feet and not meters already iconic moments.

Joining the crew are deckhands Marie “Sunny” Marquis and Kyle Stillie. Sunny, the sole female deckhand this season, is brimming with intelligence and brings an eager-to-learn vibe to the team. Meanwhile, Kyle is a newcomer to the yachting scene, but he’s in good company thanks to his loads of experience.

The team is rounded out by stews Cat Baugh, Xandi Olivier, and Barbara “Barbie” Pascual. Cat brings in five years of yachting experience, although she admits to being surprised by the size of St. David. With an impressive five-year track record in the industry, Xandi is expected to bring in all the entertainment to the cast. Barbie and her ample experience are bound to catch the captain’s attention, and her ability to speak Spanish might just give her an extra edge.

What Is ‘Below Deck’ Season 11 About?

Catt Baugh Below Deck Season 11
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Check out the official Braco synopsis for Below Deck Season 11:

“Capt. Kerry trades the Nordic Sea for crystal blue waters and stunning waterfalls as he leads his crew in the rich, historical island of Grenada. A disciplined and fair leader, Capt. Kerry has 30 years of experience working on boats and has spent almost two decades in yachting. As he steps on to St. David for the first time, Capt. Kerry relies on returning crew members Chief Stew Fraser Olender and Ben Willoughby to help the new staff find their way around the massive 197 ft. vessel.”

Who Is Making the ‘Below Deck’?

Chef Anthony Iracane - Below Deck Season 11
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Below Deck is executive produced by Mark Cronin and Courland Cox —both of whom have worked on the original series and its first expansion, Below Deck Mediterranean. Since the show’s premiere in 2013, the duo have had their fair share of unique experiences. Compared to other reality TV series, the cast comprises actual crew members whose professional careers are tied to their roles on these vessels. Not only are they in charge of keeping the boat running safely and smoothly, but they also have to meet the demands of their diverse clientele of celebrities and affluent owners.

Below Deck also serves as an eye-opening show for audiences curious about the yachting industry, which sometimes might not be accessible considering its exclusiveness. As Cox shares with Bravo, what distinguishes Below Deck is its appeal to provide audiences with a glimpse of their work lives on deck.

“The vast majority of people that do the show, they always say, ‘I want to do the show because I want my friends and family to understand what my job is,’ And they’re like, ‘If I go on Below Deck, I will have a tangible, visible thing for my family and friends to understand what my job is.’”

Below Deck first premiered on Bravo on July 1, 2013, and has continuously followed the crew’s adventures aboard a superyacht during the charter season. As of March 27, 2023, the series has premiered a total of 154 episodes.

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