Investing, whether in stocks or cryptos, comes with risk. Proper risk evaluation is a necessary requirement for successful investors. However, investors can only do this when they have enough information on the assets they are looking to invest in and their associated risks.

Our analysis is an evaluation of current trends around Cosmos (ATOM) and Solana (SOL). We check their performance and what directions they may be going in the near future. We also talk about a new project, DeeStream (DST), and its promise for investors.

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Huge risk for Cosmos (ATOM) holders

Recent trends suggest that investing in Cosmos (ATOM) could prove risky right now. Cosmos (ATOM), currently worth just over $9 appears to be declining. Looking at figures from 30 days ago, Cosmos (ATOM) performs 12% worse at the time of writing.

Looking at shorter periods, Cosmos (ATOM) is also 5% worse than it was at this same point last week. There is little to indicate a reversal is likely as well.

Higher risk but decent rewards for Solana (SOL) investors 

Historical patterns show that Solana (SOL) could be set for some growth soon. $97.52 is Solana’s (SOL) price at press time, and analysts speculate it could increase to about $105 by next week. This could be a good entry point for Solana (SOL), but another could present itself with a small drop expected for the token.

Low Risk, High Reward for investing in DeeStream (DST)?

Many investors filter their options by comparing the risk with the possible returns, as well as the ability of the token to deliver on those returns. They look at the facts to determine these. Here comes DeeStream (DST), a web3 project in digital streaming that could be the perfect option for this. 

DeeStream (DST) is a live-streaming platform, like Twitch and Kick, but with elements of decentralized technology added to improve it. Like any other platform, the “Crypto YouTube” allows users to sign up, stream, and watch content worldwide. It stands out due to unique features that are sure to attract users.

Users can save money using DeeStream (DST) which will have lower transaction fees than other platforms. Withdrawals and deposits will also take less time on DeeStream (DST). There is also less content regulation on DeeStream (DST) so streamers can make the content they want.

The risks of investing in DeeStream (DST) are less than most other cryptos, at a presale price of $0.035. It has a supply of up to 300 million which gives it significant potential for rewards. The rewards for investing are greater for early investors who also get revenue from transaction fees.

Smart investors are buying DeeStream (DST) because of its potential and low risk. With its presale, investors can get the coin at a low price and benefit from its potential. Getting the token early is key to maximum profits, as DeeStream (DST) is tipped to hit blue-chip status soon.

Find out more about the DeeStream (DST) presale by visiting the website here

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