• Actor Chyler Leigh advises Milly Alcock to do research and play Supergirl with heart and soul.
  • The upcoming Supergirl movie has the potential to explore the character’s backstory and internal struggles.
  • Possible plot points and lore could be set up in other DCU releases before Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow‘s release.



Following the recent casting of the House of the Dragon star, Chyler Leigh — who played Alex Danvers in the Arrowverse — has offered some advice for Milly Alcock for her upcoming role as Supergirl in James Gunn’s DC Universe and Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow. Though it has no set release date yet, the upcoming film is one of many DCU movies in the works by Gunn since he became co-CEO of DC Studios. So far, Alcock, who rose to prominence after her time on House of the Dragon, is the only known actor attached to the project.

Taking on the role of a main superhero in a new cinematic universe is certainly no simple feat, especially considering there are a myriad of different directions the new Gunn adaptation could go, tonally speaking. Arrowverse star Chyler Leigh commented on living up to fan expectations while speaking with Screen Rant at The Saturn Awards, offering advice to Alcock about taking on the tricky role. Check out the full quote below:

It’s a big role, so know your s***. Do your research, and just have fun. Everyone’s interpretation is going to be different, and you can’t listen to absolutely everybody out there. Just play it with as much heart and soul as you’ve got, and do your best.

How The DCU’s Supergirl Could Be The Best Yet

This will be the third adaptation of Supergirl’s story in the past decade, and it’s important that Woman of Tomorrow differentiates itself with Alcock’s version. Fans of Gunn know that he has an incredible knack for bringing new levels of depth to characters, and considering one of the main issues fans have had with adaptations in the past is not exploring her backstory and internal struggles more, the upcoming film has great potential to rectify this. Gunn also excels in a sci-fi setting, and unlike Superman, Kara Zor-El wasn’t raised on Earth, bringing exciting cosmic possibilities.

There are also still several planned DCU releases between now and the release of Woman of Tomorrow, meaning that there’s a nearly-endless number of possible plot points that could arise in the meantime. Reports of Alcock’s casting indicated that her version of Supergirl would make her franchise debut in Gunn’s Superman: Legacy reboot, though some also stated this wasn’t 100% set in stone. It would make sense for her to appear alongside her cousin, however, particularly as Legacy won’t be another origin story movie for the Man of Steel.

Regardless of where she makes her franchise debut, the various DCU projects lined up could very well set up some of Alcock’s heroine lore ahead of Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow. This would not only make her introduction on the scene smoother when she does finally arrive, but would also go a long way to establishing the wider universe Gunn aims to launch. Unfortunately, DC fans still have several years to wait until they can learn more about just what Alcock’s portrayal will entail.

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow currently has no set release date.

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