• Fourth Wing’s television adaptation on Amazon Prime Video has the opportunity to fix the book’s flaws and predictable twist.
  • The show can improve upon the original book by providing better world-building and delving deeper into neglected aspects.
  • Prime Video needs to disguise the predictable Dain twist to create more excitement and surprise for viewers.



The hit fantasy novel Fourth Wing is getting a television adaptation via Amazon Prime Video which means that the book’s biggest flaws, including its most predictable twist, can be fixed for the silver screen. Fourth Wing is a romantic fantasy novel released in 2023 by author Rebecca Yarros. The story follows Violet, a young woman who has been training all her life to become a scribe, but is unexpectedly forced to join the ranks of the Riders, wherein she learns to connect with dragons and forms a complicated bond with a fellow third-year student.

Since Fourth Wing came out so recently, it is surprising that a television adaptation is already in the works, however, it also makes sense considering the material. Fourth Wing exploded in popularity when it first came out in April 2023, and ever since, it has received massive attention online. In fact, its sequel, “Iron Flame” came out only seven months after the first book. In this way, Prime Video is smart to take advantage of Fourth Wing’s current popularity by going full steam ahead on the romantasy books’ television show. And if they’re lucky, the show could do even better.


Amazon’s Fourth Wing TV Show Must Cut The Book’s Most Uncomfortable Moment

Rebecca Yarros’ Fourth Wing fantasy novel is getting a TV show adaptation. But there will hopefully be one scene that doesn’t make the final cut.

Amazon’s Fourth Wing Show Can Improve Upon Rebecca Yarros’ Book

Fourth Wing tv series book poster

One of the best aspects about Fourth Wing being adapted to television, aside from bringing the story to life, is that it can fix many of the problems apparent in the original book. Though Fourth Wing is well-loved, there are definitely aspects of the book that were not fully fleshed out or could have been executed better. For example, many criticisms of Fourth Wing assert that the book was quite predictable, especially in its use of classic fantasy tropes. Furthermore, reviewers feel that the book could have used more world-building, as many aspects of the fantasy universe don’t add up.

Luckily, Prime Video can attempt to fix these issues. While Fourth Wing is quite a large book, television series as a format have the opportunity to delve deeper into parts of the book that were neglected. Therefore, in the extra time that the Fourth Wing TV series has, it can give better explanations of Yarros’ world. The only risk that comes with this is affecting the accuracy. The biggest problem book-to-TV adaptations have is remaning accurate to the source material. If the show changes too much, it could lead to Fourth Wing falling into a trap of criticism from fans.

There is no news yet on when Prime Video’s Fourth Wing will be released.

The Fourth Wing Adaptation Should Fix The First Book’s Most Predictable Twist

Fan art of Violet saving Andarna and being protected by Tairn during the Threshing in Fourth Wing
Art by Rosiethorns88

Despite this risk, there is one particular aspect of Fourth Wing that the Prime Video series should fix. In Fourth Wing, Violet’s best friend is Dain, a second-year Rider and squad leader. Though he and Violet are childhood best friends Dain often shows doubt concerning Violet’s abilities. Because she is more frail than others, he is constantly begging her to leave the Riders, which creates a rift between them. In the end, Dain ends up betraying Violet, but it doesn’t come as quite a surprise considering the growing hostility between them. Prime Video can change this.

Because the Dain twist is predictable in Fourth Wing, the Prime Video series must change the narrative. While the twist still works in Fourth Wing, it is less exciting when audiences can already tell what is going to happen before it actually occurs.

Therefore, Prime Video needs to find a way to disguise the Dain twist from newcomers so that, when it does happen on-screen, audiences are shocked.

This would certainly improve the quality of Fourth Wing and make the story all the more exciting for both die-hard fans and brand-new watchers.

How The Amazon Series Can Fix The Book’s Big Dain Reveal

Fan art of Violet crossing the Parapet in Fourth Wing

The best way for Prime Video to fix the Dain twist is by downplaying the negative interactions between him and Violet. In the book, it is very clear that Violet and Dain’s relationship is strained to a dangerous degree, and the TV series needs to lighten up on that. The series can show that perhaps the pair aren’t as close as they used to be, but they should keep Dain’s darker side a secret for as long as possible. This way, audiences will be even more shocked when Dain does the unthinkable and betrays Violet, despite their history of friendship.

Ultimately, Prime Video’s Fourth Wing will be a great opportunity for the book series. Because Fourth Wing is so popular at the moment, its TV series will already have a built-in group of fans, and if the show succeeds at making the story better, then Rebecca Yarros’ books will become even more popular. In this way, Fourth Wing is becoming part of a cycle of success that will be amazing if the television series manages to balance the line between improvement and accuracy.

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