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  • Reacher
    season 2 features darker fight scenes and brutal kills that are more in line with the plot.

  • The season revolves around
    ‘s pursuit of justice and his loyalty to his friends, leading to intense-yet-cathartic moments of violence.
  • Reacher
    showcases his battlefield prowess, using his environment creatively and resorting to extreme measures to take down his enemies.

While Amazon Prime Video’s first season of Reacher boasted memorable action sequences, Reacher season 2 sees Alan Ritchson’s titular character pulling off some pretty brutal kills. The darker fight scenes are certainly more in line with the sophomore outing’s plot. Based on Lee Child’s Bad Luck and Trouble, Jack Reacher‘s eleventh novel outing, Reacher gets entangled in a much more personal case after Calvin Franz (Luke Bilyk), a former member of Reacher’s 110th Special Investigations Unit, is killed. Given Reacher’s loyalty to his friends, his drive for justice is taken to new heights — as is his penchant for violence.

In the first episode of the season, Frances Neagley (Maria Sten) suggests they round up the rest of the 110th who haven’t yet been killed by former NYPD officer-turned-bad-guy Shane Langston (Robert Patrick). Joined by Karla Dixon (Serinda Swan) and David O’Donnell (Shaun Sipos), Neagley and Reacher uncover a conspiracy that revolves around insidious defense contractor New Age, which hired Langston as head of security. Flashbacks to the 110th’s glory days are also interspersed throughout, giving the show ample time to craft some of Reacher‘s best fight scenes and gnarliest kills.

9 The 110th Opens Fire On AM

Reacher Season 2’s Final Kill Is A Team Effort

Dixon, Reacher, Neagley and O'Donnell aim guns at AM in Reacher season 2

Reacher season 2’s ending features several memorable kills, but A.M.’s (Ferdinand Kingsley) death is one of the more brutal ones. The seasoned mercenary is the season’s final loose end and the four remaining members of the 110th want to make sure A.M. goes out with a bang — multiple bangs. After A.M. delivers his required villain’s speech, Reacher silences him with a single bullet. Dixon, O’Donnell, Neagley, and Reacher then level their guns at A.M. and open fire. It’s definitely a cathartic moment for the former unit, especially in the wake of so much loss.

8 Reacher Tosses A Guy Onto A Pile Of Cinder Blocks

That’s One Way To Break A Fall

Enemy lying on cinder blocks in Reacher season 2

In Reacher season 2, episode 2, “What Happens in Atlantic City,” Dixon and Reacher are ambushed by some stock bad guys near a construction site. This leads Reacher to pull off two pretty inventive kills. After trouncing the first enemy in hand-to-hand combat, Reacher rams into him, throwing him off the upper-level of the site. The poor soul plummets straight into a pile of cinder blocks — and there’s definitely no returning from a fall cushioned by concrete. However, that’s not even Reacher’s most brutal construction site kill.

7 Reacher Goes For The Throat

And Then Takes Out A Warehouse Of Bad Guys

In a warehouse full of New Age cronies and ex-110th member Tony Swan (Shannon Kook), Reacher pulls off a pretty impressive extended fight scene. It isn’t the first time he’s completely out-numbered (and out-gunned), making the moment a stark reminder of the “Big Guy’s” battlefield prowess. Once his soon-to-be opponents figure out Reacher’s true intentions, the former military police officer kicks things into high-gear. In the blink of an eye, he forces a man to stab himself in the throat, grabs a gun, and takes out several other cronies.

6 Reacher Strangles A Man Over A Bus Seat

Jack Reacher Uses His Environment In Brutal Ways

Jack Reacher isn’t fighting a man for his bus seat. Instead, Ritchson’s character ends up following some of Langston’s men onto an out-of-service bus in a dark parking lot. After trying to take one of his opponents by surprise, Reacher ends up shoving him down on a bus seat and strangling him to death on the back of said seat. Reacher continues to use the bus environment in ways that are both brutal and clever as he takes on his second foe. While it isn’t as epic as Reacher season 1’s staircase and necktie scene, it certainly boasts a similar spirit.

5 Reacher Breaks A Man’s Fingers While Being Strangled

A Drug Bust Leads To One Of Reacher’s Best Kills

During a flashback sequence to the night of the 110th’s big drug bust, Reacher and his unit take down some dirty Army soldiers and their accomplices. While most of the fighting entails expert sharp-shooting, Reacher does get his hands dirty. Reacher and said foe lay down their weapons and charge at each other. While Jack manages to tackle his opponent to the ground, he doesn’t necessarily have the upper-hand. As he’s being choked, Reacher grabs the man’s fingers and snaps them with brutal ease. With his enemy reeling, Reacher takes him out with a few savage punches.

4 An Enemy Falls On A Bonesaw

Reacher & Neagley’s Accidentally Brutal Takedown

A man lands on a bonesaw in Reacher season 2

Eager to learn where Langston is planning to meet his buyer, Reacher and Neagley go undercover at a local hospital and track down one of Langston’s men, Grant. After the duo tortures Grant, one of Langston’s cronies — who was sent to tie up any loose ends — finds them. Neagley puts up an impressive fight, flinging a pair of surgical scissors like throwing knives into her opponent’s cheek. When he comes at her with a bonesaw, Reacher grabs the tool’s cord and yanks it. After landing a few solid blows, Reacher slams Langston’s goon into the still-buzzing bonesaw.

3 Reacher Drowns A Man In Wet Cement

Even Dixon Is Shocked By This Kill

Reacher’s cinder block kill wasn’t his only construction site finisher that left viewers reeling. After tossing the first guy off the upper-level and into the concrete, Reacher trades punches with another goon. It’s clear that Reacher could win the fight easily, and without resorting to anything too extreme, but the former MP officer is angry about Franz’s death. He takes all of those feelings out on his opponent by shoving his face into still-wet cement and drowning him in it. “Damn, Reacher,” Dixon says upon seeing the drowned man, solidifying the killing as one of Reacher’s most shocking.

2 Jack Reacher Kills Grant In The Hospital

Reacher Threatens To Over-Inflate A Catheter

Reacher hospital embolism scene

After episode 7, “The Man Goes Through,” aired, viewers were left wondering if Reacher season 2’s eye-watering bladder scene was accurate. Donning scrubs, Reacher and Neagley infiltrate a hospital to interrogate an injured Grant for information about Langston’s whereabouts. To make Grant talk, Reacher threatens to over-inflate the man’s catheter balloon. If that notion wasn’t painful enough, Reacher ends up killing him in a pretty brutal fashion: using an empty syringe, Reacher gives Grant an embolism. With his lungs blocked by a blood clot, Grant dies an inconspicuous but cruel death.

1 Reacher Tosses Langston Out Of A Helicopter

An Eye-For-An-Eye Kill Ends Reacher Season 2

Reacher throws Langston out of a helicopter in Reacher season 2

By the end of season 2, one of Reacher’s rules is “You don’t throw my friends out of helicopters and live to tell the tale.” After Franz is tossed out of an aircraft high above the Catskills, Reacher vows to exact revenge. In Reacher season 2’s finale, the aptly titled “Fly Boy,” Ritchson’s action hero seemingly hands himself over to Langston. Of course, it’s all part of an elaborate plan that culminates with Reacher boarding Langston’s helicopter, killing all the bodyguards, and tossing Langston out of the chopper — as promised.

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