• Transformers One explores the origins of the Autobots and Decepticons on Cybertron, providing a fresh starting point for new fans.
  • The film will delve into the early relationship between Optimus Prime and Megatron, adding depth to their rivalry and connection.
  • Transformers One aims to deliver a more balanced film with emotional depth, lighter moments, and a touch of horror, all while featuring an A-list cast.



Transformers One is a brand-new venture for the Transformers Franchise that is likely to break the mold due to the exciting details already confirmed. The live-action films, originally directed by Michael Bay and distributed via Paramount Pictures, quickly developed a dedicated fanbase. The action, computer-generated images, and generally action-packed movies are easy to watch and full of energy. However, despite the series having made seven films already released, the box office earnings peaked with Transformers: Dark of the Moon and have been in decline ever since (via The Numbers).

Michael Bay stepped away after the fifth movie, The Last Knight, and while the remaining sequels did add to the series, they didn’t make the same mark as earlier entries, except for Bumblebee, starring Hailee Steinfeld. While Bumblebee is one of the lower-earning films in the franchise, it is also currently the highest-rated according to Rotten Tomatoes. Transformers One appears to be doubling down on this shift, and altering the tone and story even more for the upcoming films, in an effort to revitalize the franchise and get a new generation of viewers excited.

10 Transformers One Is Set On Cybertron

Exploring The Home Of The Autobots & Decepticons

Cybertron Transformers

Most of the films since 2007 have been set primarily on Earth, with a brief look at outer space, and the home of the Transformers, Cybertron. Transformers One takes the series back to the beginning and explores the characters before they came to Earth and hid as impressive sports cars. This means that audiences who have followed the franchise since 2007 can expect something entirely new, and new fans can have a starting point that doesn’t require seeing the previous films. The setting on Cybertron provides a chance to explore new stories, without being tied up by what came before.

9 Optimus Prime Vs. Megatron

Origins Of Their Intergalactic Rivalry Across Millennia

Transformers One will also focus on the early relationship between Optimus Prime, before he became the leader of the Autobots, and his friend, Megatron. So far, the relationship between these two characters has been one-dimensional, with few reasons to explain their rivalry and connection. The new animated movie will change that as the origins of their relationship and how they grew to become bitter rivals leading opposite sides will be explored (via Collider).


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8 An Emotional Story

Not Just An Action Packed Adventure

Dylan O'Brien's Bumblebee and Hailee Steinfeld's Charlie Watson in Bumblebee

One of the things that worked best for Transformers in making a Bumblebee movie was the shift in focus to a character-driven story, instead of an all-out explosive action movie. Even the best action movies can get old quickly, with too much repetition and a loose, or even weak story. Bumblebee doubled down on the emotional aspect and created a story that packed a punch. Thankfully, it appears that the studios have noticed this, and that could be why Josh Cooley has been hired as the director.

Unlike Bay, Cooley’s body of work is more focused on emotional, impactful stories, and its a bonus that many of these films have been animated pictures. Cooley directed Toy Story 4 and was involved in the writing of the screenplay of Inside Out. This previous experience almost guarantees that Cooley will be delivering a story that is more in tune with how it makes the audience feel than if they can pull off a bigger stunt.

7 A Balanced Transformers Movie

The Story Should Be Fun With Darker Moments

Sam Meets Optimus Prime for the First Time in Transformers

Transformers One promises to be a much more balanced film with influences from comedy and horror writers. Instead of being exclusively one genre, delivering a layered story can be far more rewarding for viewers. Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari, two of the writers who also worked on Ant-Man & The Wasp, will ensure that the story has lighter moments and a good sense of humor. On the other hand, Steve Desmond, who has worked predominantly in twisty horror movies like Knock at the Cabin, can help to ensure the story is still thrilling and dark when required.

6 An A-List Cast

A Brand New Cast

Starring Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Keegan-Michael Key, Lawrence Fishburne, Brian Tyree Henry, and Jon Hamm, Transformers One has a stacked lineup of incredibly talented artists. Having a list of A-list celebrities to advertise on the poster is sure to be a draw for new fans, similar to how Chris Pratt attracted new audiences with his role in The Super Mario Bros. Movie. A new cast also opens the door for the franchise to try something different and explore new aspects of the characters without previously established expectations.


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5 New Direction For The Voice Acting

A New Take On Classic Characters

Peter Cullen with an Optimus Prime mask

The franchise is making a change by replacing voice actors like Peter Cullen, who became iconic as the voice of Optimus Prime, and while that marks a sad end to one era, it allows fresh talent to reshape the role. Chris Hemsworth will be stepping into Peter Cullen’s considerably large shoes and taking over as Optimus, and it will be great to see what new heights he can take the character to. Brian Tyree Henry will be taking over the role of Megatron, and several other actors that were cast appear to be a break from tradition, which could lead to exciting new stories.

4 The Transformers One Producers

Steven Spielberg And Michael Bay Are Producing

Collage of Michael Bay, Optimus Prime, and Steven Spielberg

The movie may have a new director and team of writers, but it is reassuring to see that Michael Bay has still offered his stamp of approval in the form of a producer credit on the picture. In addition to Bay, Steven Spielberg, the legendary director, is also signed on to return as an executive producer for the project as he has with previous entries. While the involvement of a producer could be as close or distant as they like, continuing to endorse the series in the face of so many changes is a good sign of the confidence and support behind the film.

3 The Start Of A New Trilogy

A Broad Look At Cybertron’s History

Transformers One Movie logo with Optimus Prime and megatron facing off

Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura also revealed that Transformers One is the beginning of a new Transformers animated trilogy exploring the relationship between Optimus and Megatron (via Collider). With that in mind, it appears that the creative team behind it is committed to bringing multiple new movies to the franchise. The films will follow events on Cybertron over the course of the trilogy, and see the separation between Optimus and his former friend, Megatron, as their opposing beliefs drive a rift in their friendship, which eventually leads to them being bitter rivals.

2 Industrial Light & Magic Return

The Special FX Team For Transformers

Bonaventura also revealed that the films will be working with the CGI studio that worked on each of the previous films, Industrial Light & Magic (via Collider). ILM is incredibly well regarded in the industry and frequently works with the biggest studios to bring their films to life. The company has worked on animated projects as well as live-action in the past (via ILM), so they are more than prepared to tackle an animated Transformers movie and deliver incredible visual effects throughout. This means that the movie will also look stunning along with telling a more emotional and pre-planned story.



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1 An Early Look At Sentinel Prime

The Former Leader Of The Autobots

Sentinel Prime in transformers dark of the moon

Jon Hamm is playing Sentinel Prime, who goes on to be the main antagonist in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Sentinel Prime is the former leader of the Autobots, and when he appears in Dark of the Moon, he is aged and feeble. During Transformers One, the character will be in their prime, leading a team of robot warriors and fighting for Cybertron. Jon Hamm has appeared in multiple roles as someone with charm and strength, but eventually, reveal their true colors and a cold heart. This makes him an ideal actor to tackle the complex character for Transformers One.

Transformers One Poster

Transformers One

Transformers One is an animated action-adventure movie that marks the first animated feature-length film for the series in decades. The film will be a prequel to the franchise, and will tell the story of Optimus Prime and Megatron in their early years, how they met, and a closer look at the war on their home planet, Cybertron.


Release Date
September 13, 2024

Josh Cooley

Andrew Barrer , Steve Desmond , Gabriel Ferrari

Entertainment One , Hasbro , Nickelodeon Movies

Paramount Pictures


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