There’s no question Lionsgate wants to milk its “John Wick” franchise, but it appeared to misstep with its “The Continental” mini-series.

The prequel released on Peacock late last year and took place in the 1970s and followed a younger version of Ian McShane’s Winston Scott character played by Colin Woodell.

Whereas reviews have been great across the four movies, critics were much more mixed on the mini-series which had no involvement of any of the key actors from the films.

Now, with the series firmly in the rear view mirror and quickly forgotten about, McShane has spoken with Movieweb and offered his welcome blunt take on the work – saying he has no intention of watching it:

“I wouldn’t watch it. I have no intentions – nobody – I don’t think Keanu [Reeves] watched it, neither has Chad [Stahelski]. It had nothing to do with our movies.

It’s just a question of a TV company cashing in on the series and taking the option to [air?]. They never asked us about anything so why would I be interested in seeing it?

I’m afraid their arrogance in getting the show out is beyond me so I wish them well. I think it’s come and gone, hasn’t it?”

The comments come in the wake of director Chad Stahelski making an overall deal this week with Lionsgate to creatively oversee any and all “John Wick” spin-offs in the future – thus avoiding such a problem happening again.

This year’s Len Wiseman-directed spin-off film “Ballerina” should have no such problems of being disavowed by those in the franchise seeing as McShane, Reeves, and the late Lance Reddick all appear in the Ana de Armas-led film which opens June 7th.

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